3 Key Sessions from Next Case 2017 Conference

3 Key Sessions from Next Case 2017 Conference

Launched four years ago, Next Case is an annual digital marketing conference in which leading marketers present real-life case studies. This year’s event, held on December 7, was the largest-ever case studies conference in Israel with more than 1,200 attendees, 18 speakers and a strict 20-minute time limit.

Next Case 2017 was hosted by Pavel Israelsky, one of the biggest SEO blog and community owners in Israel, and Outbrain had the pleasure of participating.

All speakers shared actual case studies, work methodologies, tools and hacks they have used to grow their businesses.

Here are key takeaways from three top conference sessions.

1. Using content to generate 20-fold growth in organic leads

Speaker: Amit Lavi, CEO of Marketing Envy (Agency)

The challenge:

  • A B2B startup entered into a field with little demand for its very complex virtual containers.

The solution and key takeaways:

  • Comprehensive audience and keyword research. Conduct thorough research focusing on the terms that truly interests your audience. Create relevant content around these keywords and use humor!
  • Every social network deserves a different content type and a different posting frequency. Build a dedicated strategy for each social channel including content type and tone. Each day, this brand published one business-oriented post on LinkedIn, one business/fun post on Facebook, and four fun and industry-related tweets/retweets on Twitter.
  • Build relationships with second-tier social media influencers. Follow, share, interact and build relationships with mid-level influencers who are experts in their field. While they might not have millions of followers like top-tier influencers, brands will see that their followers are more engaged and ready to listen.

Amit Lavi

2. Generating 100,414 leads and $5M in revenue through a survey

Speaker: Jonny Steel, VP Marketing at Payoneer

The challenge:

The company was looking to attract new clients from outside the United States.

The solution and key takeaways:

  • Use your database. Payoneer conducted a survey among freelancers who already use its services asking about income, hourly rates and more. In exchange for answering the survey, the freelancers would receive the full report for free. More than 23,000 freelancers responded.
  • Repurpose your content in various formats. Payoneer aggregated the answers into an 18-page report, which was translated into multiple languages. The information was then repurposed as videos, infographics, a white paper and more.
  • Good content works. To date, promotion of these pieces across paid and organic channels resulted in more than 720,000 visitors, with 80% of them new. It also yielded 100,414 leads, with 4% of them registered to the service. Finally, the survey generated $5 million in new revenue so far. Jonny Steel, VP Marketing at Payoneer

3. Growing organic conversions by 85% with tight teamwork

Speaker: Liraz Postan, SEO manager at Outbrain

The challenge:

Outbrain was dealing with low organic conversions from non-branded keywords.

The solution and key takeaways:

  • Create a comprehensive competitor analysis. Aside from the obvious competitors in your space, there are other players out there fighting for the same terms and keywords. Learn more about what they are doing and figure out ways to outsmart them.
  • Shape your content strategy together and create a common goal. To run a successful SEO strategy, you must work closely with the content, social, paid, design, development, and conversion optimization teams to make sure you’re creating the most relevant and timely content. Promote this content to the right audience and use the right CRO tools to maximize the potential. Development and design will help you to make sure the UX is user-friendly, the redirects are working properly, and your pages are loading quickly—which will help improve your QS and bounce rates.
  • Stay close to your customers. The customer success team is the best resource to understand your client’s pain points, difficulties and hurdles. Work with this team to make sure you really understand the challenges—then create content that addresses these issues. After six months of following this strategy, Outbrain saw a 85% lift in organic non-branded conversions.

Liraz Rahmin Postan speaker

These solutions and key takeaways can be helpful for many companies. Looking forward to visiting Next -Case next year as well!

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