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By-Vertical Insights to Ring in the New Year with ROAS

Cyrus Jabbari
Cyrus Jabbari

As 2020 draws to a close, we’re all eagerly awaiting the fresh start that a new year brings. However, setting an intention for the new year is no easy task, and no marketer especially wants to drop the ball when it comes to bringing in new leads and customers. 

Fear not, we’ve got your resolution checklist with plenty of insights (and brainy tips!) across a number of verticals to give your New Year’s campaigns that refreshing twist.

3 Tips to Jump-Start Your 2021

1. [General] Timing and Platform are Everything

Think you’re starting your campaign last minute? Actually, New Year’s campaigns don’t really begin picking up until December 27, and peak through January 26.

And, unlike past years, people are increasingly consuming content through their mobile device over desktop.

Brainy Tip: Start a week before build-up to get ahead of the game. Also, expect both mobile and desktop traffic to dominate the impression landscape, as consumers continue to favor the online experience.

2. [Health & Wellness] New Year, New Approach

We found that people interested in Health & Wellness resolution content are also interested in other topics: Business and Finance, Entertainment and Media, Sports, Nutrition, and Electronics, among the top category content.

So, why not break from the routine and dip into those other high-performing ad verticals for better campaign CTR?

Brainy Tip: For example, with the evolution of technology these days, tie your brand to content around the latest smart devices that help keep people active.

3. [Business & Finance] Positivity Sets the Tone

Look, it’s been a challenging year for many when it comes to finances, but don’t think Business & Finance resolution campaigns are going to work without helping, educating, and reassuring customers.

In fact, trust and positivity are the most important impressions you need to make on a consumer viewing your campaign, if you want to be relatable. 

Brainy Tip: Top Business & Finance imagery from our network includes smiling tech-savvy women, use of credit cards, and aspirational images such as people traveling. Strong branding of your company name also helps build trust and financial value.

All that and more, simply by downloading the New Year’s sheet that’s right for you — and what better way to start 2021 than with the data you need to boost your business!

Of course, you could consider starting the new year natively. After all, discovering something new is the name of the New Year’s game. So, why not test new ad formats for higher impact? See for yourself right in the Outbrain dashboard (only takes a few seconds to sign up!).

Cyrus Jabbari

Cyrus Jabbari

Cyrus is the Global Content Manager at Outbrain. His stellar writing skills bring clarity and consistency to Outbrain's messaging across the globe. A 'show me the data' kind of guy, he always weaves facts and insights into his pieces. In his free time, you'll find Cyrus playing the greatest songs of all time on the piano.