NBC Chicago Interviews Outbrain CEO Yaron Galai

|Juan Martinez

In case you’re still a bit mystified about what content discovery is all about, there’s a great Q&A with our CEO Yaron Galai on NBC Chicago’s Inc. Well Blog that goes in-depth about what the author refers to as “Online Advertising’s Hidden Goldmine.”

An excerpt from the piece:

You have seen these ads, most likely clicked on them, and didn’t even know that a business just like yours paid for that click. In online marketing, there is a type of native advertising called Pay Per Click, or PPC. You are most likely familiar with the ads that show up on both the top and right sides of Google search results: these are PPC ads.

Outbrain is a marketing platform that allows for PPC campaigns on trusted news and blogging sites. As you surf the web, reading articles and blogs, you will often encounter several links on the bottom of an article that may say “we recommend” or “from around the web.” These links to other stories are paid advertisements run via Outbrain.

To continue the piece, click here.

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