[MediaPost Search & Performance] The Web We Need to Weave

As we scaled ski slopes in Deer Valley, and our marketing strategies in 2019 to share amongst one another, MediaPost Summit on Search & Performance took on a deeper theme this year: a higher level.

Figuratively, this couldn’t be more true, as the quality of the content and attendees are unmatched in the industry: Clorox, Volvo, Purple, Home Depot, Ring, and Cisco, to name a few. It’s also literally accurate given Mediapost selects an amazing location at Stein Eriksen Lodge in Deer Valley, Colorado, nestled amongst some of the best ski slopes in North America at an elevation of 8,200 feet (this author may or may not have had altitude sickness).

From the kick-off session “Building Brand Equity in Search” through to Vivian Chang’s “CPG Goes DTC” on the final day of the summit, the themes were clear: driving marketing performance is evolving in ways that can be difficult to keep up with, and sharing stories from the field helps keep us all informed on the trends and best practices for 2020.

As MediaPost partners, we took the chance to speak to this amazingly innovative group of marketers about the web we need to weave.

From the original sins of the open web to today’s disparate digital experiences, we challenged tomorrow’s solutions to be more centralized around the bigger digital experience picture: people, publishers, and brands. Only by taking a complete perspective can we weave the web it was intended to be.

Be sure to check out the full (and quick!) presentation below.

As stewards of the web, working with thousands of publishers and marketers around the globe, we were happy to share with our friends the importance of creating meaningful and positive experiences. All three of these constituents — people, publishers, and brands — are critical to a vibrant and healthy web.

Outbrain’s singular purpose as a company is to help people discover great content.

What we do better than anyone else is help publishers and marketers grow their businesses online. How we do that is through native ad technology and new feed-based experiences that have proved increased engagement by over 40%.

As we look ahead to 2020, it’s amazing to see the growth and maturation of native ads that we know will continue to grow in 2020. Outbrain will remain dedicated to creating great discovery experiences for consumers, while continuing to deliver groundbreaking solutions for publishers and marketers.

Our goal in 2020, like all our friends from MediaPost’s Search & Performance Summit, is to reach even higher altitudes in the New Year!

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