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Listen Up! All the Best Marketing Podcasts Now In One Place

Moran Brayer
Moran Brayer

The Outbrain Growth Marketing team is proud (and excited!) to introduce our new “baby”, Marketing-Podcasts.com!

So, what is Marketing-Podcasts.com? (Besides our pride and joy!)

Marketing-podcasts.com is a repository of marketing podcasts, covering all of the popular digital marketing channels. It’s a site created by marketers, for marketers, to help you navigate the world of Marketing Podcasts quickly and easily. The site was built with three objectives in mind:

  • Separate the digital wheat from the chaff and provide marketers with the best podcasts playlist in one place.
  • Help fellow marketers find the right podcast at the right time without spending too much valuable time in discovery mode.
  • Help new and veteran podcasts increase their reach to new audiences.
  • Share and spread brilliant marketing ideas and best practices!

Why podcasts?

As a team focused on acquisition and retention, many of our water cooler conversations @ Outbrain seemed to revolve around podcasts. Podcasts had fast become one of the most profound sources for professional growth in the team.

It started with people Slacking about great episodes or podcasts they’d listened to. We quickly noticed how hard it was to keep track of the recommendations via Slack and other networks. And that we could never find the right recommendation at the right time…

So we decided to share it all in a Gsheet. Which quickly became popular among other teams in the organization. And very soon, we realized there was no point hiding behind the sheet – we needed to bring this thing to life! After all, sharing is caring. So we are happy to share our knowledge with you.

Marketing-Podcasts.com is completely free. We ask for just one tiny thing in return: share it with your colleagues and friends, and anyone you know who is interested in expanding their marketing podcast playlist!

And, finally, if you have a podcast you would like to feature on the site, drop us a line at contact@marketing-podcasts.com or submit your podcast here.


Moran Brayer

Moran Brayer

Moran is Outbrain's SEO Manager. He spends his days leveraging Outbrain's online assets to maximize search engine visibility. As an SEO, he’s always on the lookout for new search engine features and innovations, with the aim of having every trick up his sleeve to conquer new SERP real estate. His motto: “It’s not me who's asking, it's Google! I'm only spreading the gospel!”