Introducing Outbrain for Mobile

outbrain mobile

Today, we’re announcing a new solution for publishers — Outbrain for Mobile, the same great product on a different screen — now available for all publishers using the Outbrain service.

Publishers that offer websites optimized for small, mobile screens know how difficult it is to do two things that come so naturally on the “regular” web:

1. Put ads alongside the content
2. Offer navigation between pieces of content

The small screens of mobile devices simply don’t have enough screen real estate to allow for any of the ads and navigation elements to be ported. Given those limitations, many publishers have opted for a very simple mobile version of their site that includes the logo, headline and content — virtually no ads, and basically no navigation other than clicking on the logo to go back to the homepage.

This might work as a short-term stopgap, but it’s obviously not a sustainable long-term solution for publishers. And as more of us consume more content on mobile devices, it became clear that publishers need better solutions for navigation and monetization on their mobile websites.

Outbrain for Mobile does exactly these two things, in the most user-friendly way possible, on a small mobile screen. Like Outbrain for desktop articles, publishers using our mobile solution will display a new set of links at the end of each article. Some of those links will be the best recommendations to other stories on the publisher’s own site, allowing readers to easily navigate through content and consume more of it.

Other links will point to recommended, mobile-optimized content on other sites. Clicks on these links will result in a new revenue stream for approved publishers using the service, and offer readers a seamless mobile content browsing experience between sites.

Unlike traditional web ads, which simply don’t fit into a mobile screen, the beauty of Outbrain for Mobile is that it perfectly blends into any screen that can show a simple link — which means any web page shown on any device. Publishers don’t need to worry about pixels, screen orientation, etc. It simply works, serving links based on some of the world’s best content recommendation algorithms we’ve developed on sites like USA Today, AllThingsD, MSNBC and The Atlantic.

Using Outbrain for Mobile is very simple and easy to install. Contact us or reach out to your account manager to get started with mobile installation or targeted traffic buying.

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