Introducing… Our New and Improved Amplify Dashboard!

Last year, we launched our new Amplify dashboard, enabling marketers to seamlessly manage and optimize their Outbrain campaigns, at scale. In fact, marketers were so excited about these enhancements, that we’ve seen nearly a 40% increase in marketers engaging with our dashboard.

Since then, our goal has been to make our dashboard a full-service campaign management platform to give marketers greater control and actionable insights.

That’s why we added, even more, capabilities for marketers, such as Custom Audiences, Multiple Conversions, our expanded mobile app solution, the ability to upload multiple content variations, and additional campaign reporting tools – by platform, publisher, section, geography and more.

But, based on our marketer’s feedback, we found there were, even more, ways for our users to benefit from our dashboard. And now, we’re rolling out additional enhancements to make campaign management as easy as possible.

To start, we know that marketers spend the majority of their time in the dashboard’s “Campaigns” view running their Outbrain campaigns. To maximize the real estate for campaign management and optimization, we’ve moved the navigation bar to the right side. It’s also hidden when not in use, which has freed up 23% more vertical real estate where marketers can see their campaign data.

We also know marketers often have multiple accounts they’d like to manage. So, we’ve made it easier to navigate from among accounts by having all accounts easily accessible in a single dropdown view.

But, selecting from multiple accounts is just a start. One of our goals has been to empower marketers to make data-driven decisions about their campaign spend. As such, we’ve made it easier for marketers to quickly understand their campaign insights to make better decisions about campaign optimization. We’ve moved all of our campaign reports to the top, enabling marketers to quickly navigate between different campaign views.

Finally, don’t forget to check out the video below, which takes you through all of these new enhancements.

And don’t forget to visit our dashboard to take advantage of all of our new capabilities.

We’re continually looking for ways to give marketers, even more, control over their campaigns and better tools to make campaign management as seamless as possible. In the meantime, reach out to with any comments!

Flora Rhim

Flora Rhim

Flora is a product marketer at Outbrain and previously spent time launching products at publishers and tech platforms. She's always looking for her next book to read, recommendations welcome.

Idan Vakrat

Idan Vakrat

Idan Vakrat is a product manager at Outbrain on the Amplify team. He joined Outbrain with a vast experience in product management from an enterprise software solutions and Fin-Tech startup. Idan also holds a Physics degree from the Technion and MBA from Tel Aviv University.