Custom Audiences for All! Powerful Advanced Targeting Capabilities at Your Fingertips

Custom Audiences

Since we introduced Custom Audiences globally last year, we’ve seen great success. And starting today, we’re excited to expand Custom Audiences even further, enabling all marketers to reach highly qualified customers across the Outbrain network with our advanced targeting capabilities, directly from the Amplify dashboard. Now any marketer that logs onto our Amplify dashboard can use Custom Audiences to re-engage with existing customers—or grow their customer bases by excluding those who have already engaged. Here are just a few brands who have already seen strong results with Custom Audiences.


Using sequential remarketing, Microsoft reached audiences who had been exposed to their prior campaigns by showing them additional messaging. This enabled them to reach an audience that was more likely to engage. Microsoft also used DMP** targeting to reach their own high value audiences across the Outbrain network. As a result, Microsoft saw a 75% increase in conversion rates among their retargeted audiences and a 3X increase in conversion rates among their DMP audience segments*.



Brooklinen is another great example of how you can reach the right people, at the right time while adding scale to your campaign. Brooklinen used Custom Audiences to reach customers who had previously engaged with its brand but hadn’t yet made a purchase. And, by layering on Lookalike Audiences** (which we’re still gradually rolling out) Brooklinen was able to reach users with similar content consumption patterns and interests as their own customers who were most likely to be interested in its message and products.

These are just a few ways to use Custom Audiences to reach a highly qualified audience. We’re excited for you to begin using Custom Audiences to shared your brand message with your customers. To get started, visit your Amplify dashboard, check out this video below, and read our FAQ to learn how to begin your first Custom Audiences campaign.

* When compared with those who were not exposed to the first article
** Not yet available via the Amplify dashboard
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