[Infographic]: The Fashion Brands Audiences are Falling for this Season

photo; fashion week

If fashion is famously fickle, what about consumer interest in it?

To commemorate the new Fall season and the Fashion Week storm now rolling through Milan, we took a look at some fashion brands and how they fared among audiences over the last month. Specifically, which brands captured the most interest relative to their presence in the news?

If you’re new to Outbrain’s proxy for “interest,” we use average Page Views Per Story to gauge a brand’s magnetic force in the media.

The Weeks Leading Up to Fashion Week

As a well-oiled hype machine, Fashion Week is an interesting case study for how fashion brands maneuver the spotlight. It’s both a condensed view of what it takes to generate “buzz” at any time of year (not just during Fashion Week) and complete and utter hyperbole. A hot new item here, a surprise collaboration there, a star-studded runway show, a killer party, and a little controversy are all par for the course.

But while you could find plenty of stories like that in the weeks leading up to, and during Fashion Week, there are some anomalies too — more unconventional routes to attention.

As we saw in February with L.L. Bean’s scene-stealing Bean Boot, attention in the fashion world can come from surprising places.

Here’s a snapshot of attention from mid-August and mid-September this year.


infographic; Fall Fashion Brands Power Index



What else we learned about Fashion Week

  1. It’s no longer called “Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week.” Just plain ‘ole Fashion Week.
  2. As Fashion Week becomes more global, it also increases a local phenom. For example, did you know there’s a Pittsburgh Fashion Week?
  3. The Givenchy runway show during New York Fashion Week was reportedly the most expensive show ever.
  4. Tech continues to make its presence felt, with double-luxury watches and Tommy’s Twitter Halo.
  5. Between all the live-streaming, social media integration, and headlines Fashion Week generates, it’s becoming one of the biggest content festivals in the world.
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