Does Content Change Human Behavior? Highlights from Our Unconscious Bias Report

Not only is trust hugely important when it comes to content online, but digital branded content is one of the content types that British audiences find most interesting—and it’s really making them click too.

This is one of the key insights in our recently launched Unconscious Content Bias report. The report reveals real insights on the types of content and environments that make readers click, so we can help brands achieve their online advertising goals.

Interestingly, over 60% of 18-44 year olds advised us that they would click, read, and check out content discovered on a publisher site like the Guardian or The Sun that’s been written by brands. Our respondents indicated that clicking through on content on a traditional publisher’s site makes them particularly inclined to find out more. 35% said they would read more on the site where they discovered the content, 33% would look for more information about the brand and the product, and 21% would revisit the site hosting the content.

Additionally, 39% of consumers find content most helpful when deciding where to purchase products they want to buy and 59% find content most helpful when comparing products.

Read more about how content can change human behavior and the Unconscious Content Bias here.

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