How Will the 4.2 Billion Monthly Messaging Users Discover Your Content?

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Publishers are increasingly focused on a “distribution strategy”, continually looking for smarter ways to engage with audiences outside their properties.

We’ve seen this time and again, and just when a strategy for Facebook or Twitter starts to settle in, a new player enters the fold.

Messaging Clients, seemingly overnight, have grown to be the dominant platform for users. Their growth surpassed traditional social networks in Q1, 2015. That was last year, while their growth rate has only increased till today.

Messaging Apps

(Source: Business Insider Intelligence)

Top iOS and Android mobile messaging apps had a combined active user base of 4.2 billion monthly users at the end of 2015, according to an IHS report, an increase of 38 percent from 2014

What’s a publisher to do in this rapidly evolving landscape of internet behavior?

“Chat as a Service” Comes to Content

Today, we’re excited to launch “Outbrain for Chat,” a service that enables any publisher to seamlessly launch applications (or Content Bots) across the leading messaging platforms in minutes.

Outbrain’s new offering includes an Editorial Content Management System or “ECMS” with it’s proprietary personalization platform and over 9 years of development. The result is an interactive content experience that enables end users to receive personalized recommendations and converse with their favorite publications in real-time.

As messaging evolves from simple peer-to-peer real-time communication into a platform for a multitude of other services, Outbrain is paving the way through “conversational content” – combining personalized recommendations and editorial controls within chat applications (apps) and editorial for a smart, natural, and seamless communication flow.

The technology with chatbots is dynamic and learns over time, presenting users with the latest news and most interesting stories, based on an individual’s Interest Graph.

As younger audiences spend more and more time on messaging apps, we’re helping publishers reach audiences on a personal level, everywhere they are. Outbrain is betting big on the upcoming ‘Bot Revolution,’ where messaging apps collide with content – chat apps are now so much bigger than social networks, and will soon become the new browser for how people access information.

The flexible technology platform that powers Outbrain for Chat has the potential to operate in a number of environments, opening up possibilities for interactions that venture beyond a single provider. This new end-to-end technology can be adapted to any UI and powers publishers with the tools to tap into the fastest-growing channel for user adoption and attention.

Outbrain for Chat was born out of our innovation lab. It is provider agnostic and once built can be pushed to every messaging client that leverages Bots, enabling content discovery and personalization to happen anywhere. We’re currently working with both chat messaging apps and publishers to inform and discover audience habits, with exciting partnerships and announcements on the horizon.

Our mission at Outbrain is to serve audiences the best, personalized content experience wherever they are. Messaging is the next frontier where audiences will spend their digital lives as messaging apps are becoming the new browsers and chat bots are replacing web sites and apps. We are excited to help publishers with our patent pending innovation deliver a great content experience in this new medium as the chat bot revolution unfolds.

If you’re interested in using Outbrain for Chat to power your conversational content, please complete the form here, and we’ll be in touch to discuss next steps.

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