How UTI Mutual Fund Drove Over 3,500 Leads Through Targeted Video Content to Millennials

UTI Mutual Fund

UTI Mutual Fund is a pioneer in the Indian Mutual Fund Industry, managing the investments of approximately ten million clients.

Not what you might consider the sexiest service around, but nonetheless, they’ve become one of the largest investment funds in the country with more than 4,000 individual financial advisors.

So why would a brand with assets under management of more than $18M US dollars be interested in targeting the millennial investor?

Probably because, like true pioneers in their industry, they recognized the value of millennials in the marketplace.

But could they really create awareness and drive sign-ups for their Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) from a younger generation with completely different content consumption preferences than their typical audience?

The Right Audience, the Right Content Strategy

With their sights set on young audiences, UTI Mutual Fund knew success meant more than just this common, simple equation:

Social Media + Display Networks + Traditional Publishing ≠ Engaged Readers

Instead, their outreach strategy took shape around a dedicated content hub with a variety of content formats that would not only resonate with millennials but also demonstrate their commitment to authenticity.

With the launch of, users could explore topics related to investment education through a knowledge based series, fun learning materials, and expert talks in the form of videos, podcasts, articles, and infographics.

A video, in particular, was used to produce stories in a more genuine and relatable way:

Video Content Promotion

Meeting the Audience in the Right Place

As most marketing experts know, just because you build the content, doesn’t mean you will automatically cultivate an audience of loyal and engaged readers.

Creating valuable, entertaining, and helpful content is just one part. Promotion is the other half, and you should be spending just as much if not more time promoting your content than it took your team to develop. — Michael Juba, Director of Content Marketing, EZMarketing.

That’s why in an effort to scale the distribution of their content offerings, UTI Mutual Fund leveraged Outbrain’s Amplify solution to better gain exposure on premium publisher sites where audiences browsing were more likely to be interested in the concept of SIP.

And most importantly, would be granted access to the brand’s amazing video repository.

Nearly 78,000 visits to their video content were driven from sites such as The Hindu, IBN Live, The Indian Express and FirstPost.

UTI Content promotion by Outbrain

From there, millennial audiences were retargeted with an article on the benefits of their Systematic Investment Plan and link to a SIP Calculator, allowing visitors to select their goals and automatically calculate the monthly investment amount required to achieve those goals.

Wealth Forum Ezine described the investor education initiative as “A refreshing new way to promote SIPs among young savers,” and Kaushik Chakraborty, Senior Vice President of Digital Marketing & Online Sales at UTI Mutual Fund, spoke to the benefits of using Outbrain:

Kaushik chakrborty

The Results of Weaving the Right Experience

With a reach of over 100 million monthly uniques in the Asia Pacific alone, UTI Mutual Fund successfully connected with new audiences through content discovery, driving visitors from premium publishers to the highly relevant and valuable resources available on their content hub.

Campaign results

Engagement of video content increased exponentially and 3,500 leads were generated for their Systematic Investment Plan (SIP).

Who said you couldn’t break through the noise, stop a millennial in their tracks, and get them to save?

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