The Guide to Creating High-Conversion Content for Your Outbrain Campaigns [Download]

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If you’re new to creating native advertising campaigns, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it seems a bit complicated. 

But the truth is, the native concept is based on common sense marketing principles and the psychology of online behavior. With a bit of background info and straightforward explanations, you too can create effective native campaigns and get them running in no time.

That’s why we devised our latest ebook – The Guide to Creating High-Conversion Content for Your Outbrain Campaigns – available right now for download.

In the guide, we start at the very beginning and explain how native advertising works, how to create powerful native content, and the best way to promote it on the Outbrain network.

In 24 action-packed pages, you’ll learn all this ⬇️ (and much more):

Page 3: How NOT to do content marketing

What content fails look like and how to avoid them

Page 5: How native advertising works

The different stages of the native advertising process and how native content leads to conversions

Page 7: What is conversion-oriented content

How native content is different from regular content, and tips and techniques to develop content that converts

Page 8: The different types of native content and choosing the right ones for your business

Discover 11 types of content that work well with native advertising and how to use them

Page 18: How native ads and native content fit together and creating ads that make people click

Learn Outbrain’s content guidelines and best practices for powerful native ads

If you’re just starting out with native advertising, or you’ve been meaning to try but not sure where to start, or if you’re just a little curious about the buzz around native right now, download the guide.

It’s free, it’s packed with helpful info and tips, and it’s got everything your need to know about native, from the ground up. It might even be exactly what you need to finally add native to your digital marketing toolbox!

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