New Amplify Product Feature: 10X Your Headline and Image Testing

Outbrain headline and image testing

There’s a reason our infographic explaining Outbrain Amplify best practices for adding headlines and images is the most read piece of content by new and existing customers. It’s simple to digest, but most importantly, the advice it gives leads to better results.

Let’s revisit three of the key points from the infographic:

Headline and image takeaways from infographic

If an infographic can be that effective at helping our customers, imagine how excited we are to release a feature that enables you to execute these best practices ten times faster.
Watch product marketing manager, Tina Coll, walk you through our recently launched  “Add Content” feature with the launch of her content marketing campaign for Tina’s Roller Dreamland, a new roller skating rink she’s opening in New York City:

There are now three different ways to add content to your campaign: URLs, Import, and Variations.

Amplify three ways to add content

The URL and Import, while revamped and much easier to use, are similar to the methods of adding content that you’re used to. You can still upload content one URL at a time, directly via an RSS feed, or hundreds at a time from a spreadsheet.

The 10X Game Changer

The new “Variations” feature is the time saving game changer that will 10X your headline and image testing. Tina starts explaining this at 1:35 in the video above.

Now you can create multiple image and headline variations for a single URL instantly. Watch in the video how she automatically generates the below six creative variations from one URL by uploading three headlines and two images.

Amplify add content variations screenshot

Now jump back in there and breath new life into your campaigns by adding more variations to your campaigns. We’re already seeing customers upload 15% more content, resulting in higher click-through rates, and more visitor data to optimize.

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