Friday Think/g: I Was So Hungry, So I Wrote This Post


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Hope you had a good week.

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Earlier this week, I thought up this post while on the bus and on my way home from work.

Basically, a dear friend and a colleague of mine, Ilan Tsinman, Outbrain’s Head of Sales in Israel, is a food storyteller. He loves food, loves taking photos of what he eats, and loves sharing it on Facebook.

So there I was, sitting on the bus, hungry like an Outbrainer after a long day at work when I came across another one of Ilan’s food posts. This time, on Indian cuisine.

Desperate for food, I started to write this post about… food, because that’s the closest I could get to the real thing.

Ilan’s ‘food porn’ posts always remind me of a blogger called Mathew Ramsey, the photographer-chef behind PornBurger. His blog is described as “a venture into the dark arts of hamburgery.”

Ramsey posts snapshots and tell the stories of unbelievable (!) burgers with fancy ingredients.

He also knows a thing or two about how to get readers to click and dwell/drool on content, giving a new definition to click-baits. Or, click-bites in this case: My Bloody Valentine, The Bambi, The Full Monty, and The Lolita Burger are just a few of the name/titles he chose for his ‘burger models.’

Forget everything you thought you knew about hamburgers:

Continuing on… still hungry, still on the bus with a few stops to go, and still on Facebook, I came across another food-related story. I’m not sure if everything on Facebook at that point looked to me as food or Facebook’s algorithms are really on point.

It was a story on The New York Time’s new meal delivery service and their partnership with startup Chef’d. They will begin selling and sending ingredients to their readers for recipes from its NYT Cooking website, as the newspaper publisher seeks new revenue sources.

From ‘cookie-ing’ readers to cooking readers! Digital dad joke — sorry.

Before you click away and I get off the bus, one last food thing/k I discovered on one my favorite sites, creativity-online:

Pinterest has launched their first ever TV ads in the U.K., with a campaign of contextual ads developed in collaboration with broadcaster Channel 4. The first ad, shown during a new cooking show, “Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley” takes a simple phrase from the show, “one pot meals” and demonstrates how users of Pinterest can search the website to find inspiration and ideas:

See you next Friday.

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