Friday Thing/k: The Future’s Ours To See. Que Siri, Siri.


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Sorry, I’ve mentioned Siri (as in Apple’s Siri) in the headline of this post — it’s inclusion fit nicely as a twist I gave to Doris Day’s original song, “Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Que Sera, Sera).”

Though, I actually want to start this futuristic thing/k with Samsung, one of the innovative giants who helped spearhead the Internet of Things (IoT) push.

Samsung’s IoT firm,, painted a picture of what the future will look like by commissioning academics to describe what can we expect to see in 100 years’ time.

As co-author Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock writes in the introduction to The SmartThings Future Living Report:

How will we live; how will we work; how will we relax? With so much more scope for what can be achieved than ever before; is the sky the limit?

It’s a stunning glimpse of the future as Samsung has envisioned, and they’ve done a great job of storytelling.

But that’s in 100 years’ time.

Let’s look ahead 50 years, or, 48 to be precise.

Who’s going to be the president of the US?

It might be Zoe: created this adorable 52-second spot for the YMCA as part of the non-profit organization’s new “For a Better Us” campaign, which aims to communicate the importance of investing in education for kids, who are going to be our future leaders.

So, vote for Zoe.

She’s running.


In 2064.

But that’s in almost 50 years’ time — let’s look 30 years ahead.

If you’re my age, it’s a bit like…

What’s your retirement plan? Do you have one at all?

That’s exactly the idea behind “The Beautiful After,” a recent campaign by Emirates NBD, the leading banking brand in the UAE and in the Middle East:

As 64% of residents in the UAE do not save for retirement, the bank did a great job making people stop and imagine their own future as if it was right there in front of them — an unexpected journey from their past –> present –> future.

P.S. The campaign by is competing in the Dubai Lynx awards as we speak.

That’s all for the future for now, but before you click away, let’s quickly revisit the past.

The year is 95′. Microsoft has just released the new Windows.

Prehistoric to some readers.

I remember the day, but the kids in this hilarious video weren’t event born back then, which is why “Teen Reacts to Windows 95” by Fine Brothers Entertainment is so brilliant:

See you in the near future, next Friday.

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