Friday Thing/k: I Love Doing The Dishes

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Hi all,

Hope you had a good week.

Welcome to Friday Thing/k a brand storytelling canvas where I’d like to share with you smart, creative, inspiring, engaging, cool, and innovative content marketing ideas that take my digital marketing breath away once a week.

I’m Yoav (just call me Joe) and I love doing the dishes. At home, at work, or at my friends place.

Basically, wherever there’s a sink, water and greasy dishes, I’m there. I like to clean in general — any surface. In fact, in kindergarten, pack-away time was my favorite activity.


Because of the immediate gratification, of course — they are dirty and 10 minutes later, clean.


And I did it! By myself! I ticked the box! How exciting!!!

How exciting!

Think about how much time it takes to tick the box when you respond to something like a brief. You revise, then revise again, finally get it approved, kick off the campaign, and you start to wonder, “How many dishes could I have cleaned during that time! How many utensils could I have placed back in their rightful drawer!

Are you with me, or do you think I’m a maniac?

In all modesty, I think the guys in Reckitt Benckiser thought about me when they created this video for Cillit Bang, which we wrote about in a recent post entitled, “Are Music Videos the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing?” It features dancer and choreographer Daniel Cloud Campos, who plays a mechanic that’s been left to clean up around the workshop.

And he does so to the sounds of iconic 80’s film, Flashdance, with “Maniac.”

Absolutely brilliant.

For me, it’s like looking in the (clean) mirror!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to also check out the behind the scenes video, directed by Michael Gracey and the creative agency is BETC Paris:

Before you click away, I can’t end this week’s post without something/k about David Bowie.

I mean, we paid homage with Amelia going full on Aladdin Sane across our social media outlets:

David Bowie Outbrain

A lot has been written about the master in the past week from every artistic angle.

What I appreciated the most was this BBC Newsnight interview from 1999, where David Bowie talks to Jeremy Paxman and makes some incredibly accurate predictions about the potential of the internet. To use the words of my colleague and Director of Editorial Solutions for APAC & EEMEA at Outbrain, Ron Barel, who sent me the video: It’s a must see.

See you next Friday.

As always, feedback is more than welcome, and needed so please leave comments below. Additionally, if you have anything/k in mind, I would love to discover it.

Just call me Joe.

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