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Digital marketers with up-to-date skills are in high demand.

Don’t take our word for it – Marketing Week reports that demand for analytics skills is up just over 46%, and demand for ad serving skills increased by nearly 85%!

If you’re a savvy digital marketer, then you are probably already overwhelmed with the sheer number of performance marketing courses you can take online.

When it comes to specialized courses in native advertising, however, there is only one choice: Outbrain Academy.  

Outbrain Academy is the world’s first native advertising certification, and it’s already proven to be a game changer for 7,000+ marketers who are now certified as Native Advertising experts. 

The Outbrain Academy is completely free, available on demand, and provides well-rounded training in native advertising by the experts at Outbrain, the number one native platform. 

Now, we’re expanding the Outbrain Academy syllabus with a new course, focusing on one of the pain points of every digital marketing professional: Performance Marketing.  

The new Outbrain Academy course, Unlocking Performance with Native, focuses specifically on how to boost performance in native advertising campaigns, and it’s a must for any marketer looking for a hands-on, down-to-business performance marketing crash course – at no cost!

Let’s take a look at what Outbrain’s latest performance marketing course is all about.

Unlocking Performance with Native: Course Details

In this ever-changing world of Native Advertising, it’s not so much about the high-level theory, as it is about the practical tools that are proven effective for your campaign in the here and now.

As you already know, crafting a successful campaign is a lot like cooking the perfect meal. No detail, big or small, can be left unnoticed, your recipe must be tried and tested and even when all of that seems perfect on paper, it comes down to learning how to fix things on the go all the way to the perfect meal. 

Unlocking Performance with Native offers just that! 

Register today and you will:

  • Learn to survive the new cookieless world through gathering and operating with first party data.
  • Understand the importance of coming up with engaging content that sparks interest and sales.
  • Master the craft of cultivating a conversation with your target audience.
  • Discover how to optimize an underperforming campaign and bring it up to maximum performance!

The Unlocking Performance with Native course is your secret spice.

Why Outbrain Academy?

One word: expertise. 

They say you need 10,000 hours to become an expert. Well, when it comes to Native Advertising strategy, execution, and campaign optimization, we at Outbrain have really walked the walk.  So, if you are a Performance Marketer trying to get the most out of your ad budget, we see you. This course is designed for you.  

Our international team has worked with a massive number of brands, throughout different cultures, budgets and market challenges, and this has given us unparalleled insights that we want to share with you through the Outbrain Academy. 

It is time that you become a top performer with Native ads.

If you are in the field of Performance Marketing, or you know that you need to be, Unlocking Performance with Native is your next big step.

Don’t miss the chance to set yourself apart as a certified Native Advertising Performance Expert!

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