Best PPC Courses – From Beginner to Advanced

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By 2024, global online advertising spend is forecast to reach over $350 billion.

When it comes to PPC – AKA Pay-Per-Click, or paid advertising – it’s really a matter of “be there, or be square.” To compete for market share, businesses must have an online advertising presence, and while organic exposure takes many months to build up, PCC ads can get visibility for your business, fast. That’s why 45% of small businesses use paid ads

And it’s why getting more familiar with PPC is a very smart career move, too. 

In the US, the average wage for PPC marketers is close to $50K, and 62% of marketers are increasing their PPC budgets next year.

While PPC is one of the most sought-after skills a digital marketer can have, getting access to a wide range of online PPC courses is not difficult – and many are also free. Whether you are a beginner, or looking to brush up your PPC skills to an advanced level, here is our roundup of the top 8 PPC online courses you should definitely consider:

1. Google Skillshop: Google Ads Certifications

It’s always a good idea to start at the source, and that goes for PPC courses too. The Google Skillshop is home to a wide range of beginner to advanced courses in everything Google Ads, and it’s where you’ll get officially certified as a Google Ads expert. Plus, you know you’ll be getting the very latest updates, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Courses are free, and they vary in skill level and duration, so there’s really something for every PPC marketer.

2. Alex Fedotoff: Facebook Ads Training

If you’re looking for Facebook training for e-commerce ads, look no further than Alex Fedotoff, the Facebook ads guru and the brains behind eCommerce Scaling Secrets. The course focuses on the whole gamut of Facebook advertising, from the various types of Facebook ads and how to use them, the latest best practices in ad creation, how to generate leads and traffic from Facebook ads, and tips to optimize your funnel. Plus, you can also get coaching from Fedotoff the pro, who has managed over $40 million in e-commerce ad spend himself.

  • Cost: On application, from $300-$2000
  • Sign up 

3. LinkedIn Learning: Advanced Google Ads 

Why not learn about PPC over at LinkedIn Learning, fast becoming one of the popular online professional education platforms? The Advanced Google Ads module is one of our favorites, designed not for PPC newbies but for those with some experience who want to upskill on the Google Ads platform. You’ll learn advanced Google Ads strategy, ad optimization, automation, campaign performance tracking, and more. And of course, upon completion, you’ll receive a digital certificate that you can share on social media and impress your next potential employer. 

  • Cost: Need subscription to LinkedIn Learning platform (from $26.99/month)
  • Sign up 

4. Perry Marshall: Google and Facebook Ads

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? Well, Perry Marshall is the father of 80/20 sales and marketing, and he has a bestselling book all about it. He also has a website where you’ll find loads of resources, webinars, events and masterclasses about how to succeed in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Marshall’s courses, content and books range from technical to strategic and inspirational, covering Google Ads Mastery, Adwords copywriting, The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising, and much more – all driven by his proven 80/20 rule. Check it out! 

  • Cost: Varies depending on course/product
  • Sign up 

5. Semrush: PPC Fundamentals with Joel Bondorowsky

If you’re looking for a beginner course delivered by a world-renowned PPC expert, look no further than this offering with Joel Bondorowsky. During 36 on-demand video lessons, you’ll cover all the PPC basics and beyond so you can learn to craft and optimize profitable campaigns. Each session includes further reading to polish your knowledge and a quiz to test what you’ve learned. When you complete the course, take the exam to receive your official Semrush certification. And did we mention all this is free? What are you waiting for?

6. Outbrain Academy: Native Ads

When you think of PPC, you probably think of display, search, and social ads. But there’s a whole other world of PPC to discover. With native advertising, PPC professionals can expand their reach and get exposure to millions of consumers on the open web. Now, Outbrain offers the world’s first dedicated native advertising certification to add to your skillset and portfolio. It’s totally free, and when you’ve completed the course, remember to share your official Native Advertising Expert certification on your LinkedIn profile.

7. Tim Burd: Advanced Facebook Ads

“The Godfather of Facebook Ads”. Yes, that’s Tim Burd, and if you are serious about excelling at Facebook PPC, he might just be the resource for you. Burd offers a series of Masterminds and Retreats, but these are not your typical ‘free’ courses. We’re talking about a range of high-quality educational events and recorded replays that you can purchase, from Beginner to Advanced Masterminds, 1:1 consulting with Tim, and even retreats that are for pure pleasure and networking, in exotic locations around the world. Check out the prices on the website.

8. Wordstream: PPC University

If you’re looking for a comprehensive PPC course that is easy to access and digest, Wordstream PPC University might be perfect for you. It’s a collection of online content presented in modules, including PPC 101, PPC 102, Advanced PPC, Facebook Ads and more. No frills, no fuss, just a handy collection of highly-organized PPC training content. Work through each section directly on the site, or download the course e-book for each module. It’s all free so the choice is yours.

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