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Digital Marketing Myths

How to Amplify Your Content Distribution Channels

It’s not the first time that Outbrain and Hubspot have partnered to deliver a data-packed ebook for digital marketers. Back in 2015, we brought you a “how-to” primer for creating effective titles and headlines that boost CTR of online ads. Now, we’re back!


Digital advertising is constantly evolving. Native advertising has exploded, mobile surpassed desktop, and more and more sales are happening on social.

In the midst of all this shifting change, there’s fertile ground for digital advertising myths to blossom. With so many variables in both B2B and B2C segments, even the savviest marketers can get confused.

This Free Ebook is Just What You Need

So we’ve decided to help, by mobilizing the experts at Hubspot and Outbrain to bust the top digital advertising myths. Hubspot are inbound marketing superstars, with 2.6 million social followers and 4.5 million monthly blog visits. And Outbrain is the world’s #1 native advertising platform, having delivered 3 trillion content recommendations in 2017, resulting in 9 billion completed conversions. That’s an incredible amount of data to explore, and it’s yielded a ton of actionable insights that we’ve packed into this ebook.


What You’ll Take Away

Based on data analysis from Hubspot and Outbrain, we’ve pinpointed 34 myths that are common among performance marketers and advertisers. And we’ve unpacked these myths, to help you better understand how to boost your results across your content distribution channels.

The ebook is divided into 4 sections:

  1. General Digital Advertising Myths
  2. Search Advertising Myths
  3. Social Advertising Myths
  4. Native Advertising Myths

Each myth includes a short, focused explanation. This is followed by our suggestion: “What Marketers Should Do”. It gives practical, actionable advice about how to amplify your content beyond the commonly-held myth.

Check out this example page of what you can expect from your free ebook:

remarketing is creepy

Get Beyond the Myths – Boost Your Digital Advertising Results

At Hubspot and Outbrain, we’re working day-in-day-out at the digital advertising coalface, and we want to share what we’ve learned.

It’s waiting for you in “34 Digital Advertising Myths: How to Amplify Your Content Distribution Channels”, an ebook that covers all your advertising uncertainties.

Grab your free copy today and start myth-busting your performance marketing!

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