Why Direct-to-Consumer Brands Should Consider Pumping Up Their Brand Building Before Running a Full Conversion Campaign

In today’s digital world, getting your brand to stand out isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially when the internet is so saturated with Direct-to-Consumer brands. There are so many amazing companies out there doing things that many people haven’t even heard of or imagined. And how do most people find these brands? Through a recommendation of course. 

We sat down with one of these innovative, life-changing brands, Elvie, a leading women’s femtech brand, to discuss their strategy and why they chose Outbrain, a leading recommendation platform, to build their brand. 

Time and time again we see clients focus purely on driving sales across all channels even when they are just launching or have only surfaced in the last few years. The reality is no one knows who you are yet – so the average consumer is unlikely to purchase from your brand straight away. While it may be tempting to drive return on ad spend immediately, it puts a limit on the real potential you have, to scale and grow your business through digital. For such brands, a two-pronged approach is recommended. Firstly, brand build, secondly, sell!

What Elvie did first was brand build through a fun, entertaining video with Mother London using real moms as their models. The song was catchy and memorable. It’s no surprise that we saw a 0.36% CTR on the video and over 55,000 consumers watched the full 1 minutes and 18 seconds… or that it won the Digiday Europe award for Best Use of Video. Elvie understood that to stand out from their competition, they needed to be creative, unique and give consumers something in return for interacting with their brand.

How is Elvie faring today after making the decision to focus marketing resources on the awareness and consideration stage of the funnel, rather than straight sales on all channels? They have a 4.3 rating on Trustpilot and just raised $80 million in Series C funding, the most funding a femtech brand has ever raised to date.

Watch our webinar with Elvie to see how the world’s leading femtech brand leveraged Outbrain to build its brand awareness. 

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