Outbrain Custom Audiences Lets Marketers Retarget Their Website Visitors with Content

Today we’re excited to announce Custom Audiences, a new product that allows marketers to target their website visitors across the Outbrain network. Essentially, it’s retargeting within the Outbrain eco-system.

Remarketing has been the most effective digital marketing tactic of the past decade, enabling marketers to increase engagement with their campaigns simply by targeting audiences that have visited their websites before, signaling interest in the brand.  However, this was largely limited to the world of direct response through display advertising.

Today, for the first time, Outbrain is marrying retargeting and content. With Custom Audiences, marketers can re-engage their website visitors with valuable content, recommended across the Outbrain network of premium publishers, in order to keep the conversation going or drive to action.

This adds a whole new dimension to content marketing strategy. You can now segment your website visitors, and target them with different types of content at different CPCs according to their value for you.  For example –

  • Visitors who browsed your homepage
  • Visitors who signed up for your newsletter
  • Visitors who learned about your products
  • Visitors who went to the purchase funnel but never completed it
  • Past customers that you’d like to re-engage
  • You can even target people who haven’t visited your website, in order to acquire new customers, or if you’re a publisher – acquire unique users and boost your Comscore ranking.

Custom Audiences Drives Results

Dozens of marketers have already seen some incredible results with Custom Audiences. Targeting people that are lower down the funnel has led to significantly higher engagement with their content, as well as significantly higher conversion rates with lower CPAs.

Leading home décor retailer One Kings Lane has been using Outbrain to promote its online magazine Style Guide and has now started leveraging Custom Audiences to increase its ad spend efficiency and increase their conversions. By targeting Style Guide visitors across the Outbrain network of premium publishers like Apartment Therapy, Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living, One Kings Lane has managed to hit its ROAS target and increased Conversion Rate 4X. All with a 50% lower CPA.

Custom Audiences

“Outbrain continues to exceed our expectations. We saw significant improvements across all KPIs.”
– Julie Zischke, Associate Manger, Online Marketing

What’s next?

Custom Audiences is now rolling out with selected marketers. In order to secure your spot in the queue, please reach out to your account manager or Outbrain Support – support@outbrain.com.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Embed the Custom Audiences pixel on your website
  2. Define your target segments
  3. Run your targeted content campaigns

This development is just the first step for Custom Audiences.

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