[Video] How Curious Minds Podcast Reached New Audiences With Outbrain

Ran Levi is a podcaster from Israel. His current podcast, Curious Minds, navigate some of the more quirky subjects of science and technology, like the weather patterns on other planets and the history of LSD.

Curious Minds is a direct English translation of Ran’s Hebrew podcast, Making History. Along with his business partner Dani Timor, Ran felt as though he had reached all the Hebrew-speaking audience he could. To expand their audience, the two translated the podcast to English and started to target listeners in the United States, the largest audience of active podcast listeners.

Through Amplifying their podcast content, Ran and Dani were able to target the right audience of potential listeners who had already shown an interest in science and technology, based on their online browsing history. The two believe that, in the instance of podcasts, content discovery has allowed them to significantly grow their audience, and has been a huge factor in their success.

For more on their strategy, check out the video above and read Dani Timor’s post on “How Content Amplification Can Help Grow a Podcast Audience.”

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