Contently’s Editor-in-Chief on Difference Between Marketers and Journalists #CMWorld

|Nate Lozier

We sat down with Joe Lazauskas, Editor-in-Chief at Contently, just in time for his session tomorrow at Content Marketing World, The Content Talent Crunch: How Marketing Leaders Approach Hiring a New Breed of Marketer.

If you’re in Cleveland and trying to decide which amazing session to attend, Joe’s is a sure bet. In this Outbrain short, Joe shares his views on the difference in how journalists and marketers approach content marketing.

If you’re following #CMWorld from afar, enjoy this knowledge nugget, and be on the lookout for many more.

Nate Lozier

Nate Lozier

Nate is a content development specialist focusing in video. He has five years experience in digital marketing and, along with... Read more

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