Product Update: Setting CPA Goals for Campaigns

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Content Marketing has come a long way to become the top priority for marketers in 2015, but proving its ROI still plagues marketers, according to a 2015 Content Marketing Report that identified 51% of marketers who struggle with it.

The challenge at hand is bigger than just the ability to measure content performance. Marketers need tools that eliminate barriers between content campaigns and their effectiveness in meeting business objectives altogether.

When we released the first version of KPI Optimization a few months ago, we took a big step toward realizing that vision, enabling marketers to define, measure and optimize their campaigns for the content marketing KPIs they establish.

Since then, KPI Optimization has proved to a be a difference-maker for those using it, powering on average a 36% increase in conversions without shifting CPCs.

The kpi optimization advantage

A lifestyle startup optimizing its Outbrain campaign for sign-ups has tripled its daily sign-ups without increasing its CPC.

A financial service looking for highly engaged users has seen an 8x increase in the number of visitors engaging with its financial quiz

Outbrain Content KPI Funnel

Today, we’re releasing an update that introduces a new level of integration with the way marketers work: the ability to set CPA Goals for campaigns.

This feature provides at least two important benefits for users:

  1. It simplifies bid strategy – Marketers can now use the CPA they usually target on other digital platforms as their CPA Goal in Outbrain campaigns. When setting a CPA Goal, CPCs will automatically increase to generate more conversions as long as they’re under the marketer’s CPA Goal. This allows marketers full bidding flexibility that directly aligns with their marketing objectives, all while saving time and resources on campaign management.
  2. It simplifies channel benchmarking – Different bidding methods and post-click measurements between marketing channels can also make it difficult to compare them in effectiveness. The ability to target CPAs that coincide with other channels makes it that much easier to benchmark Outbrain’s performance against that of over platforms.
More efficiency, more results. That’s the path we’re embarking on with marketers.

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