Brand Made Stories: Imagination Inspiration from LEGO and Kellogg’s


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Welcome to Brand Made Stories (formerly known as Friday Thing/k) – a brand storytelling canvas where I’d like to share with you smart, creative, inspiring, engaging, cool, and innovative brand stories that take my marketing breath away once a week.

I’ve often been asked, “how do you find the brand stories that are shared in your posts?”

Well, as I practice what we preach at Outbrain, I discover it online via our recommendation engine, from Facebook friends, those whom I follow on Twitter, places like Creativity News on Adage, Digital Buzz Blog, Adweek, PSFK, and more.

Sometimes, it actually finds me as someone will share a cool video or campaign with me, which I’ll typically call out within my posts. Like, today’s brand story was sent to me by boss’ boss, aka the big boss, Eytan Galai, the Managing Director for Outbrain International.

There you go, Eytan — I gave you a credit.

In few moments, when you click to watch the embedded video, you’ll see that I’m not writing about just because I received it from the big boss, but more importantly because LEGO has yet again created another great branded film.

A lot has been said about LEGO and it’s brilliant content marketing strategy. In fact, one of my favorite articles about it was written by our friends over at NewsCred. LEGO is more than a building block company these days, it’s a stories company and its best seller is imagination.

Now, here’s the video Eytan sent me:

LEGO Taiwan created this beautiful video featuring a 6-year-old boy named Hsiao Feng. The child’s imagination was given the stage to shine, only to receive the greatest gift ever in return.

Like all of us marketers, Hsiao Feng also wants to get the attention of his target audience. Except, in his case, the target audience is his dad. So, LEGO made the unimaginable imaginable for him.

Before you click away, Kellogg’s also wants you to use your imagination and discover what you can do with its Bran Flakes via ‘The Art of Bran Flakes‘ by Leo Burnett London. And here’s a nice behind the scenes you can spend some time with.

See you next week.

As always, feedback is more than welcome and needed, so please leave comments below.

Additionally, if you have any brand stories in mind, I love to discover new things.

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