6 Mobile Marketing Tips to Enhance Business

Today, 81% of people in the US have a smartphone. In an interesting coincidence, 81% of people who search the internet on their mobile phones are looking for immediate information in order to take action. Clearly, mobile has the power to transform the scope and success of your business. Smartphones have become the chief communication and information source for people in the US, and the rest of the world is fast on its heels.

No matter what kind of business you operate, it is essential that your website run smoothly on mobile platforms.  If your target audience can’t interact with you effectively on mobile, you will lag in the race. Here are a few mobile marketing tips you must follow if you want to enhance and expand your business:

Develop a mobile-friendly website

Before you start any mobile marketing campaign, it’s essential to make your website mobile friendly.  Ensure your site design and content is mobile responsive, with a mobile-friendly navigation menu that is easy to use. For this, it’s necessary to utilize mobile-friendly themes and plugins. WordPress offers some mobile-friendly themes for free, however paid themes are more versatile and will give you functionality on all mobile platforms. You can also opt to use the WPtouch mobile plugin, which will automatically add a mobile-friendly theme to your existing website.

Create effective, mobile-oriented content

Many businesses already have loads of content that was created for their desktop website. Unfortunately, much of this content won’t be suitable for mobile. Remember that mobile screens are much smaller and compact that desktop. Your content plan should include mobile-friendly content that is easy to consume on a small mobile device. Use catchy creative headings and smaller bite-size content sections that can be scanned and scrolled with ease, while accurately and properly conveying your message.

Establish a local presence along with Google My Business

Mobile phone users are often on the go, and for this reason, they are also often searching for local, real time data. Where is the nearest vegan restaurant? What time does the store open? Where is the closest bus stop? In order to get your business seen on mobile, you’ll want to make sure your business is “on the map”. The Google My Business service makes it simple for desktop and mobile users to explore local businesses, so make sure you get yourself listed.

Getting your business on the search page in this way will help to improve your search-based traffic as mobile users will be able to find you with ease.

Entice your audience with an offer

Tempt your target audience while they are on the go. Motivate clients who make use of mobile apps like FourSquare and ShopKick to check-in to your location and receive rewards and incentives, such as coupons and discounts.

Pay attention to mobile-friendly SEO trends

The majority of online searches now come from mobile rather than desktop, and this means that the world of SEO is changing too. In 2017, Google announced that it was introducing mobile-first indexing, meaning that over time, mobile SEO will become more important than desktop. It’s essential to optimize your SEO for potential keywords more regularly used in mobile searches.

Try out the merits of SMS

Compared to the newer mobile chat apps, SMS may seem “old fashioned”, but SMS is in fact a highly popular and well used medium. It’s interesting to note that 82% of text messages are read within 5 minutes of receiving them. People have their mobile phones on them just about all the time, so SMS can definitely be an effective strategy to try on top of other methods, such as email marketing. Think of SMS as a tool to reach customers quickly while they are on the go, and an opportunity to grab a second of their attention during a busy day. Craft your messages with this approach and offer timely incentives and reminders to your customer base.


Mobile marketing is constantly evolving and changing, therefore it’s critical to stay on top of the latest movements and trends. When comparing marketing of your website or your mobile app, both present their own challenges. If you are new to the sphere of mobile marketing, start with the basic strategies above to enhance your online presence, mobile friendliness and accessibility, and ultimately your business.

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