5 Takeaways from the Outbrain Academy Performance Marketing Course

If you’re looking to expand your digital marketing skills, you may have searched for “online marketing courses”. If you have, then you ‘ll know there are nearly 3 billion results, which makes it even harder to know where to start!

It’s true, there are loads of online digital marketing courses for just about every niche, tool and skillset. But when it comes to native advertising, there is only one: Outbrain Academy.

Offered by the native advertising experts, Outbrain Academy is an online, on-demand certification course that completely focuses on how to do native advertising, and it’s completely free. Because the world of native is constantly changing and updating, so are the courses at Outbrain Academy. The latest course, Unlocking Performance with Native, focuses on the performance side of native advertising, and how to optimize native campaigns with Outbrain to get the maximum results.

For data-driven marketers who want to generate traffic, leads, and conversions from native ads, this course is for you.

Why? Here’s five reasons:

1. Online advertising is moving away from cookies

With ever-changing regulations regarding cookies and third-party data, marketers need creative solutions to rely on.

Unlocking Performance with Native proves that the current atmosphere in the Native Advertising world actually provides an opportunity for a more wholesome performance marketing approach. It’s all about moving from tracking to listening. Instead of using cookies to ‘spy’ on user activity, marketers can be more effective by paying attention to a consumer’s interests. You can learn a lot about a person through looking at their bookshelf, so why can’t it be the same with organic marketing?

The takeaway: Cookies that crumble make a fine cake.

2. Expand to other channels besides social media

We’ve all heard the term ‘preaching to the choir’. Well, marketing to the choir may carry adverse effects. When only one platform, channel, publisher or app carries your performance campaign on its shoulders, you might miss out on a massive harvest of consumers. Marketing your brand solely on social media, for example, will only get you so far based on the audiences who visit those platforms.

Unlocking Performance with Native provides you with the keys that get your brand in front of incremental audiences that are not just potentially interested, but those that are one click away from making a commitment.

The takeaway: Walled gardens can be a gilded cage.

3. Drive customer engagement and action with content

The way to get to your consumers is paved by engaging with them through content. But each consumer is a world of their own – how do you match each individual with the content that is right for them, and ultimately drive a desirable response that matches your performance goals? 

Unlocking Performance with Native dives into the importance of having a well-rounded understanding of your audience and their individual interests. 

It offers practical solutions to maximize the effect of contextual targeting as a powerful marketing tool and equips you with the most innovative solutions available for this cookieless era.

The takeaway: Content is king.

4. Improve your bidding strategy

A good bidding strategy is the fuel of every successful performance campaign. It also happens to be one of the most difficult things to get right. So many factors influence this vital yet tricky element, so you better bet on the right bidding. 

Unlocking Performance with Native unveils the best bidding solutions available on the Outbrain platform, and provides you with the tools you need to establish the best strategy for your engagement or conversion goals. 

The takeaway: Beyond every successful ad campaign is the right bidding strategy.

5. Improve your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)

There’s an abundant conversation about reaching consumers. While it’s undoubtedly important, a successful campaign primes the right audiences for action – bringing better and more efficient results. 

Unlocking Performance with Native offers the tools you need to go beyond reaching and engaging audiences. It demonstrates how a clever use of native ads can bring a remarkable ROAS. 

The takeaway: Reach beyond reach.

So whether you’re about to embark on your first Native Advertising performance campaign, or you are a performance campaign veteran,  Unlocking Performance with Native has got what it takes to take your campaign to the next level.

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