12 Awesome Digital Content Creation Tools

|Shana Pilewski

The central ethos of content marketing is the persistent creation of great content on a regular basis.

This content could span from a simple blog post to an extremely complex interactive graphic. As with everything else, you can maximize your productivity by equipping your business with the right tools to tackle all kinds of digital content creation.

So we gladly present to you, a list of 12 digital content creation tools:

1. Ubersuggest

The first hurdle in any creative process is finding your subject. If you’re not a hundred percent sure what you want to write about but have a general topic in mind, you can use Ubersuggest to get some recommendations. Ubersuggest takes your base keyword and extracts Google suggestions, giving you a great springboard for your content creation.

2. Canva

For those who are new to the world of digital content creation, Canva is an ideal tool to use. Its easy drag and drop interface allows content creators of any level to create truly stunning displays. It also allows you to share and collaborate on projects, making it an ideal tool for small to medium sized businesses.

Canva content creation tool


See what your content could look like being recommended on

CNN content demonstration

3. Storify

Do you ever wish that it was easy to collect links from around the internet? Then Storify is the tool for you. Storify is a content creation platform geared towards covering events by curating posts from all over the internet and seamlessly embedding that content on your own site. Here is HBO’s Last Week Tonight’s Storify as an example.

4. PicPlayPost

We all have seen photo collages, but PicPlayPost has taken this to the next step with video collages. This tool allows you to make video collages up to ten minutes long, giving you a wide berth for what kind of platform you will create the video for. However, PicPlayPost is currently only available for iOS users.

5. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is the ultimate solution to your high school fears of creating PowerPoint presentations. You can choose from some premade “decks” or create your own. Haiku Deck not only helps you make a very visually pleasing presentation but also helps organize the flow of it, making it an exceptionally powerful content creation tool.

Haiku Desk

6. Meme Generator

The Meme Generator is one of the simplest and most popular tools in our digital content arsenal, but even simple tools can be very useful. A simple positioning of text over an image makes this tool a must have for every content creator. You can play around with it here.

7. Evernote

What good does your creative process have if you can’t track your notes? The solution comes from Evernote. With seamless integration for a wide range of media, Evernote allows you to collect and share your notes in order to document every moment of your content creation, from your first idea to your final product.

8. Audacity

Audacity is the premium tool when it comes to recording and editing audio. The personal touch of introducing your voice as part of your digital content package can grant a more personal touch to your audience.


9. Pixelmator

Every content creator should have a basic image-editor in their toolbox, and Photoshop is often overkill. Pixelmator is Photoshop’s little brother and provides more than enough functionality for starting your digital content campaigns. With a 30 day free trial available, why would you not give it a try?

10. is perfect for creating infographics from your spreadsheets of data. Having trouble organizing those bulky Excel sheets? will go a long way towards turning it into informative user-focused content.

11. Wordle

Word clouds are a cool way to draw the reader’s attention to your main ideas within a presentation, and can give your digital content a little extra flash. Below, you can see what happens when we input this blog post into the Wordle platform.


12. Polldaddy

While not usually viewed as content, interactive surveys and quizzes can make the rest of your content pop out to the consumer, and make them feel more involved with your message. Check it out here!


We hope you find these tools useful, but I’m sure there are many more out there that your fellow readers would appreciate learning about. What are we missing? Let us know!

Once you get your content created, don’t forget, you can reach engaged audiences using our content discovery platform.

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Shana Pilewski

Shana Pilewski

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  • Olivia Smith| August 10, 2015 at 8:08AM

    These tools you have suggested seems to be of great use. do you have anything to improve content for the blog? how to make it more engaging for the readers?

    • Shana Pilewski
      Shana Pilewski| August 10, 2015 at 10:10AM

      Hi Olivia,

      Thanks for leaving your feedback!

      A number of these visual tools can be used for creating highly unique experiences with your content. Images are a great way to increase engagement on your blog posts. The more media rich, the better. You can also use sites like giphy to give your content a little more personality.

      Additionally, consider embedding things like: videos, presentations, podcasts, polls, and quizzes into your blog posts. Just make sure you are adding value to your audience with each element.

      Hope that gives you a new perspective on some of the tools listed above! If you need any further insights, feel free to email me at!

      — Shana

  • Joel| February 8, 2017 at 9:09AM

    Thanks for the tools ! I am doing my internship and I have to develop a digital marketing strategy for the B2B market. My company is the leader in the Software/Data market. I look forward to seeing more of your work

  • Bianca| May 23, 2017 at 12:00AM

    I am super new to the online marketing world and stumbled across this website.. love the content.

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