13 Awesome Digital Content Creation Tools

12 Awesome Digital Content Creation Tools

Successful content marketing often requires the persistent creation of great content on a regular basis.

This content could span from a simple blog post to an extremely complex interactive graphic. As with everything else, you can maximize your productivity by equipping your business with the right tools to tackle all kinds of digital content creation.

But in a constantly evolving digital landscape, tools come and go along with fads in various content types and formats. So long, word clouds!

Today, we’re glad to present you with an updated list of 12 fresh digital content creation tools that will help you stay on par with the tides:

  1. GIPHY
  2. SurveyMonkey
  3. Piggy
  4. Snappa
  5. Wideo
  6. Venngage
  7. Meme Generator
  8. GameFroot
  9. NoNotes
  10. Checklist
  11. Designspiration
  12. PhraseGenerator
  13. ThingLink


Everyone loves a GIF (actually pronounced JIF).

These days, places like Facebook, Twitter, and even Slack have integrated GIFs into their platforms.


Because they not only let people express themselves easily and without having to put feelings into words, but they also make brands more relatable.

With GIPHY, access hundreds of thousands of available GIFs ready for repurposing, or create your own to showcase products, features, and tutorials. Simply upload a series of pictures, add some text, and voila:

Alex GilletteStory Outbrain

We created this for a post we shared on how Gillette influenced the purchase decision of a young man via their excellent video marketing.

2. SurveyMonkey

Quizzes are still hot., But it is important to also include an added layer of purpose so they drive conversions.

This is where players like BuzzFeed and Refinery29 shine, and for those interested in making their content a little more engaging, it can easily be done with tools like SurveyMonkey.

Yes, most commonly associated with its survey services, SurveyMonkey has branched out to include a variety of new content types, including quizzes.

Customizable to include your logo, theme, and whatever variation of questions formats you’d like to combine, drafting a simple or robust quiz has never been easier. They even include a bank of popularly used questions to help spark inspiration.

Access stats on scores, rankings, percentiles, and completion rates to ensure ROI on this content creation tool.

3. Piggy

Piggy is a mobile app for easily authoring, publishing, and discovering mobile content. You can think of it as a TikTok meets Stories, or maybe Gen-Z medium. Whichever you choose to look at it, Piggy is a platform for self-expression and an outlet to find great content that other people published.

4. Snappa

Not everyone has the luxury of hiring a graphic designer. And often, even if they do have one or two dedicated staff members, the constant necessity for fresh content as an inbound tactic day in and day out can still create barriers to production.

Thankfully, tools like Snappa.io allow regular old marketers like you and me to create high-quality visual content without having to rely on design.

Ebook - Outbrain Blog

With a bevy of pre-designed templates in a variety of formats, start cranking out fresh content for your blog, social media, newsletter, paid media initiatives, and more. All your in-house design team has to do is make sure that everything matches brand guidelines.

5. Wideo

Not a spelling error, Wideo has been simplifying video animation since 2013. As an incredibly effective marketing tactic, many businesses have pined over having the ability to produce video content on a regular basis.

With ready made templates and its easy drag and drop interface, upload images and original creative to turn weeks or months of dedicated resources into a wheelhouse of daily marketing, promo, and explainer videos.

Wideo - Outbrain Blog

This video, which we used Wideo to create, has received upwards of 27K views on YouTube.

6. Venngage

Far from dead, the almighty infographic lives on to help content marketers — new and old — turn complex stories into aesthetically beautiful and comprehensible experiences.

With a sea of templates based on a variety of different layouts and constantly updated categories to suit your specific needs (think statistical, geographic, timeline, and charts), Venngage takes the cake in this department, leaving your graphic designer with more time free of grey hair.

Venngage - Outbrain Blog

7. Meme Generator

Meme Generator stays.

When we created our original list of awesome digital content creation tools back in 2014, Meme Generator was poised for greatness, but little did we know it would remain a reigning champ.

It remains one ofthe simplest and most popular tools a marketer could employ. It is safe to say that sometimes the fewer frills, the better.

Word to the wise, though, the meme game has stepped up since we last wrote of it — so be prepared to do your research and hit the Reddit forums to ensure memes are properly vetted and up to snuff.

Otherwise, you might get eaten by the internet sharks!

8. Gamefroot

Years ago, gamification was at the peak of inflated expectations on what Gartner would consider it’s 7 Step Hype Cycle. Nearly impossible to implement unless serious developer work went into creating an experience, today, companies like Gamefroot allow common laymen to develop, test, and publish games.

A handful of templates make it easy to test the waters. A marketplace of free assets will have your audiences engaged, having fun, and even educated about important information.

Game Froot - Outbrain Blog

9. NoNotes.com

Used for recording, transcribing, and video captioning, NoNotes.com is a triple threat in among audiences thirsty for podcast, interviews, and video content.

The only problem is, most marketers don’t have the equipment to properly conduct a podcast fast enough… or hands to jot down notes during comprehensive interviews… or the time to transcribe all of the above for the purpose of providing transcripts or even captioning videos.

NoNotes.com is free to try and cheap to add to your fulltime toolkit, allowing you to do all of the above with ease.

10. Checklist

Checklist posts continue to perform really well across industries. They not only offer utility, they also force us to think about things we may not have previously considered.

Harder to translate into a blog post without the help of the design team and developers,

Checklist aims to solve the problem that many single content creators face — creating a blog post without the help of a design team or developers.

Create a checklist for any occasion, upload images, add a description, tag it, and then embed it right on your site or within a post. Forget about numbered bullet points. We’re not cavemen.

11. Designspiration

So, you’ve been left to your own devices but you don’t exactly consider yourself the most aesthetically inclined.

That’s okay, Designspiration has you colored, I mean, covered…

Select their handy paintbrush, select up to five colors, and get ready for a host of visual ideas and concepts to help bolster your creativity. Okay, so they’ve got you colored.

Designspiration - Outbrain Blog

12. PhraseGenerator

Turning quotes into graphics for social media is more common than not these days, but if you don’t have anything to contribute to the conversation, how can you reap the benefits?

Unless you’ve got talented in-house writers who can shell out some serious inspiration, best to stick to the classics. And now, they are easier to find than ever. While fairly rudimentary looking, PhraseGenerator let’s you mine academic, financial, political, historical, and even headlines, to surface the perfect motivational sentences for your audience.

13. ThingLink

Take your images, graphics, and videos and make them interactive. Tagging important elements with rich links not only drive deeper engagement, but also meaningful conversions.

Use ThingLink to enhance the shopping experience, capture audience attention, and deconstruct ideas. It’s having the power of a Pinterest shopping button right on your owned, native content.

ThingLink - Outbrain Blog

We hope you find these tools useful, but I’m sure there are much more out there that your fellow readers would appreciate learning about. What are we missing? Let us know!

Once you get your content created, don’t forget, you can reach engaged audiences using our content discovery platform.

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