Why Marketers Should Care About Our New Publisher Technology

We recently unveiled our innovative new serving technology for publishers: Smartlogic,  exclusively available from Outbrain in the native space. And it’s not just publishers who benefit. Smartlogic can make a big difference to marketers as well.

Smartlogic automatically optimizes the Outbrain Smartfeed – the feed where your ads appear – to improve user experience and engagement. This might sound technical, but in practice it has positive implications for your campaigns. Here’s a quick overview of why you’ll be excited about Smartlogic, too.

What is Smartlogic?

Smartlogic consists of three technologies, all of which have an impact on how your campaigns perform.


Smart-Cards are Outbrain’s ad and publisher formats. Smartlogic is designed to predict which ad formats perform best with different users, and selects the optimal combination of formats. Users who enjoy swiping through carousel formats are increasingly shown this format; users who prefer to watch videos are served more video recommendations. For marketers, it’s simple yet very effective. Upload a range of ads and rely on Smartlogic to select and serve the most suitable formats.


Smart-Goals adapts to publishers’ goals and creates the feed according to their specifications. This means that ads are displayed in the precise placements and on publisher pages where they are most effective.


Smart-Design tackles ad fatigue by making improvements and adjustments to ad design. For example, Smart-Design adjusts the font color or font size of ad headlines –  small changes with the potential to dramatically improve the user experience and increase click-through rates.

Together, these technologies drive more user engagement in the Smartfeed. We’ve seen impressive increases in click-through rate from publishers who have already integrated Smartlogic in their feeds.

Why a better user experience benefits everyone

Higher click-through rates mean consumers are interacting more with Outbrain’s recommendations. They’re attracted to the layout, presentation, and format choices. If their preferences change over time, Smartlogic automatically adjusts in response.

Our goal with these UI improvements is to further increase consumer engagement with the Smartfeed. Ultimately, this means more potential customers for marketers to target.

With smart analysis of user engagement data, Outbrain has been working to match consumer interest with the right brands. Now Smartlogic takes it to the next level, supporting optimized UI of ad format, content, and design. This adds another level of customization to the Smartfeed, particularly powerful and effective among younger web users. These audiences are accustomed to the personalized feeds and experiences of social media, and they want the same experience from their favorite websites and publishers. This preference was noted in a user engagement survey of over 9,000 consumers in early 2022: those aged under 45 showed a strong preference for customized feeds.

Smartlogic brings new benefits to consumers, brands and publishers alike, as more users worldwide engage with Outbrain’s recommendation feed and ultimately discover new brands and products like yours.

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