[Webinar Recap] All You Need is (Content) Attribution

One of the hottest issues in performance marketing today is content attribution – how to understand where your content journey is succeeding, and using that information to put your content to the very best use.

So we decided to partner with the leading content attribution specialists at TrenDemon for a webinar focusing on everything to do with this all-important topic. Last week, Bryan Hernandez, Associate Director of Customer Success at Outbrain, hosted Halel Porat, VP Customer Success at TrenDemon, in a hugely successful webinar all about content attribution, followed by a Q&A session from the audience.

Today, consumers want to understand products as much as possible before they buy. And more and more marketers are understanding the need for content in the funnel. According to Halel, investment in content marketing will double in the next 5 years.

Attribution is much more than the last piece of content the person viewed before converting.

When trying to attribute content, most of the time, marketers are only looking at the tip of the iceberg. However according to TrenDemon, their average customer looks at 12 web pages before converting. Today, there are tools available with the capability of effectively measuring content journeys – even longer, more complicated journeys involving multiple web pages and return visits to the website.

Want to hear what Outbrain and TrenDemon have to say about content attribution? Check out the full webinar recording:

The webinar also includes a sneak peak into new tools and features available on Outbrain, some which can help with your attribution efforts.

  • Audience insights tool – based on first-party or third-party data
  • Campaign scheduling
  • View-through conversions tracking in the dashboard – giving more transparency around the type of audiences that are engaging, helping you achieve your KPIs

Watch the webinar recording above to hear more.

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