[Webinar] Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) All Features – Save the Date!

If you’re a performance marketer, affiliate marketer, or general all-round digital marketer with some experience and savvy using Outbrain, then we are excited to host a webinar about a new feature that will help you do your most important job: optimizing towards conversions.  

Introducing Conversion Bid Strategy! CBS is an automated tool on the Outbrain platform that does the hard work for you, so you get better performance with less effort.

What’s unique about Conversion Bid Strategy? It auto-optimizes for conversions in four different modes, based on your campaign goal. 

And CBS has both full and semi-automated modes, so the system can auto-optimize for you, based on your goals, CPC and budget. Less effort, more results!

CBS is fast becoming a hot feature here at Outbrain. 25% of marketers and 70% of performance marketers are already using it to boost their campaigns. And marketers who use Conversion Bids Strategy improve their CPA performance by 20 to 25%!

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What the Conversion Bids Strategy All Features Webinar is All About

Hosted by Outbrain Customer Support superstar Keioni Walker, the webinar will cover the concept and technical side of CBS, and how to use it to your advantage. You’ll learn about the four modes of CBS, who should use them, and the best practices you need to know. Plus, there’ll be a live Q&A session with Benny Zingerevich, CBS Product Manager, so you can ask any questions that come up for you, and get the answer straight from the source! 

Sign up for the CBS webinar and discover:

  • What is Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS)?
  • The difference between CBS modes: Semi manual, Max conversions, Target CPA, Target ROAS  
  •  A/B Testing with CBS
  •  Tips and Best Practices to get more conversions

Don’t miss the live Q&A at the end of the session. 

Forget bids by section. Now there’s a better way. It’s called Conversion Bids Strategy.

  • Webinar: Outbrain For Advertisers: Conversion Bid Strategy (CBS) All Features Webinar  
  • When: June 24 | 9.30am EST
  • Your Hosts: Benny Zingerevich, Product Manager & Michael Le Lausque, Director Product Marketing

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