Turn Your Summer Internship Into a Job in 5 Easy Steps

Turn Your Summer Internship Into a Job in 5 Easy Steps

Summer’s winding down, and so is your amazing summer internship.

At some point, between meeting your coworkers, working on an interesting project, or chatting with your manager, you had a realization: “I could see myself here for a while.” But how do you bridge the gap between a successful internship and full-time employment?

These five steps will make sure you’re positioned to be a great job candidate long after your internship is over.

#1 Write Down Your Accomplishments

This one might seem small, but it’s a helpful habit for the long term. A former manager encouraged me to write down in detail what I had contributed during my internship, and how the skills I’d acquired brought results.

Through taking ample time to record my successes, I was able to showcase my accomplishments to my manager and seal in writing the progress I’d made before important details were lost to the sands of time.

Having documentation helped me better speak to my accomplishments in interviews and made editing my resume much easier.

Before you get whisked away by schoolwork or jobs or commitments this fall, take a moment to look back through your notes and record your accomplishments.

(For different ways to experiment with documentation, check out this blog post)

#2 Show Your Interest

Did you love learning about a workflow process from your manager? Try applying that process to your own work, and send him or her a note about it.

Did a coworker mention they could use some extra hands to finish a project? Ask what help they specifically need, and follow through when they respond. Your actions will speak for you and help you build credibility within the company.

#3 Stay In Genuine Contact

We all know how nerve-wracking finding a job can be (see my other blog post for tips on navigating that process). Those nerves can make you rationalize all kinds of funny networking tactics.

While emailing every person you met during your internship with a three-paragraph heartfelt thank you note might seem genuine, in reality, it could create the opposite effect.

Before you leave, reach out to three to five people who’ve had an impact on your time as an intern to thank them and ask if you can reach out to them in the future opportunities, mentorship, or support.

Most people will be more than willing to say yes, especially if you’ve already shown interest and care in your work. In the months following your internship, if you see they’ve been promoted or completed a personal milestone, don’t hesitate to reach out with a hello and congratulations.

People like to work with people they like!

#4 Say It Out Loud

Simply stating you’d like to work for the company might seem too ‘forward,’ but you’d be surprised how effective it can be. Explicitly saying in your exit interview how much you’ve enjoyed your time and that you’d love to be considered for future openings will impress your manager and flag to HR to keep you in mind for job opportunities.

#5 Check Back In

Six months after I finished my summer internship with Outbrain, I arranged to meet with several coworkers for coffee and ended up going to a happy hour with them later that


If you live close to your internship location, I highly recommend organizing some face time. If not, send an email to your former boss with some friendly updates and reiterate your interest in a position related to your internship. A little effort goes a long way!

My Outbrain internship was one of the best decisions I made, and it’s led to an amazing career so far. Follow through on these simple steps and you’ll be positioned to move from intern to employee.

If you’re interested in joining our team, don’t forget to check out our current and future open positions at Outbrain!

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