Smartfeed Technology Across the Daily Express, Daily Star, and OK! Magazine

Karen Walden
Karen Walden

Smartfeed Technology Across the Daily Express, Daily Star, and OK! Magazine

Outbrain, the world’s leading native advertising platform, announced today the extension of their long term partnership with a subset of publications now under the umbrella of Reach PLC; as well as early results from the implementation of Outbrain’s proprietary publisher solutions, Smartfeed and Native In-Feed, which are producing revenue uplifts of nearly 150%.

Social media invented the feed experience and forged a whole new approach to browsing content on the internet. Gone are the days of endlessly clicking “next page” or finding important information on sidebars.

Social media established the scroll mindset, turning it to the norm, and now publishers must adapt too. Recent studies have shown that “66% of attention on a normal media page is spent below the fold”, completely reversing traditional viewability perceptions.

In response to this new way of consuming information online, Outbrain developed Smartfeed, a technology that helps publishers compete with the feed experience popularised by Facebook and Google.

The Smartfeed format has proved time and time again that it can consistently boost publisher revenues, with an average increase of at least 40%.

One of the earliest adopters of Outbrain’s Smartfeed technology was a portfolio of publications that include Daily Express, Daily Star, and OK! Magazine.

The adoption of Smartfeed and another one of Outbrain’s technologies, Native In-feed, resulted in revenue uplifts for the entire portfolio approaching almost 150%, with a CTR increase of about one-third month over month.

Director of Digital Content for the Express, Geoff Marsh said, “Smartfeed has successfully increased RPMs across all our sites. This technology is resulting in a strong positive upside for us because the feed format more effectively engages our readers.”

“We look forward to seeing continued results in 2019.” said Stephanie Himoff, Vice President of Global Publishers and Platforms at Outbrain.

“Our technology is capable of shifting share from the social media giants and bringing publications back into the spotlight.”

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Karen Walden

Karen Walden

Karen is Outbrain's Marketing Manager for the UK and Northern Europe. She brings 6+ years of experience in marketing and sales. A person who deeply appreciates excellent marketing, Karen uses her wordsmithing skills and media-savvy to help take companies to the next level.

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