Gawker alum Elizabeth Spiers’ new site ‘Everup’ tries to steer millennials to their better selves

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new site 'Everup' tries to steer millennials to their better selves

What is Everup?

Interest in the relationship between wellness, creativity, and success has never been more acute than it is right now, especially among young professionals. It’s a topic even we have indulged in trying to offer a little inspiration or insight to marketers. So Gawker co-founder Elizabeth Spiers’ new site is well-timed and well worth a look. aims to expand on the notion of “lifestyle design,” as Spiers puts it, for millennials, with tips and essays on how to manage productivity and wellness in the face of challenges large and small.  You could almost consider Everup a spinoff of Lifehacker, one of Gawker’s least… Gawker-like properties, and, as a Gawker alum, a clear source of inspiration for Spiers.

The site has been designed as a clean, straightforward experience to navigate, but there are subtle flourishes that intrigue, such as the featured tags for navigation. Currently on the site, #Pomodoro — as in the Pomodoro Technique — is featured, allowing audiences to browse all of Everup’s content on the topic, including some (clearly labeled) sponsored content.

This early in the game, perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of Everup is how no-frills it is, as befits a site aimed at helping its audience clear away the distractions and focus on working smarter, feeling better, and staying inspired.

If You Only Have 5 Minutes…

Read Digiday’s interview with Spiers about her new venture.

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