How Renault Promoted The Newest Alpine Car Model With a Sequenced Content Strategy

The Newest Alpine Car Model With a Sequenced Content Strategy

Alpine, an iconic Renault sub-brand, was off the grid for more than 20 years. Until that is, it decided to unveil a new generation of its legendary model after stopping production so long ago.

With a desire to revive the brand, the new sports model aimed to monopolize on a growing “premium sports” consumer segment.

But in a market dominated by the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes, how could Alpine rebuild its notoriety among relevant audiences and drive awareness around its launch?

Cut to 55,000 visits later and I’d consider the following a recipe for success…

Innovation Beyond Design

In true form to its leader status, Alpine’s ability to produce an experience that satisfies customers in this segment is seen in the DNA of the car itself—and how it is taken to market.

The brand believes that telling the right story to consumers is an essential part of a brand’s content marketing strategy, especially given how crowded the sector.


And being at the forefront of innovation, it placed heavy importance in seeking out new opportunities that would allow it to align better with the customer journey. So, it jumped on the opportunity to be the first to test Outbrain’s “Story Sequencing” feature.

Alpine also set its sights on impacting various stages across the customer journey, with the ultimate goal to architect a unique content experience for the brand.

A Two-Step Content Strategy

In the Automotive industry, potential buyers are heavily influenced by trusted third party reviews.

So, what better way to influence consumers than by driving awareness to the positive earned media cropping up around the launch of their newest model?


The results allowed them to identify and attract 55,000 pre-qualified visitors. This was a high-value audience that the brand could engage with more deeply, reinforcing the brand’s target message, including high-quality attributes of the new model.

Alpine then continued to tell its story with sequential content, retargeting visitors who already engaged with its earned media via articles, photos, and videos hosted on its site.


In total, Alpine saw 16% of audiences go further down the content funnel to click a personalized recommendation related to the brand. Additionally, an 8X increase in engagement rate when compared to those who were not exposed to the first article.

Content is Key

By setting set content as a foundation and sequencing as the strategy, Renault was able to strengthen the reputation of its Alpine brand, identify a qualified audience, and validate the relevance of its content.

All while influencing a few key touch points within the customer journey.

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