5 Remarketing Strategies for Local Businesses

Running a successful local business, you need to focus not only on getting new customers but also gaining back existing customers to your business again and again.

Remember that 98% of website visitors leave a website without taking any action. The purpose of remarketing is to target those customers who have previously visited your website and re-engage their interest in your product or service.

If you are a retargeting veteran be sure to check out our advanced retargeting guide for more tips on the subject.

Why Remarketing For Local Businesses Matters

Local businesses can succeed if they regularly find new clients and do the work to win back lost customers. There are several reasons why you need to use remarketing strategies to recover website visitors who have already taken an interest in your business.

  • It is a lot less expensive to keep current customers than to acquire new ones. Forrester found that it is from 5 to 25 times more expensive to retain existing customers.
  • Repeat customers are profitable. According to this Bain study, they spend 67% more than new customers. The numbers show: it makes sense to retain customer loyalty.
  • It is far easier to sell products and services to returning clients than to brand new prospects. The success rate of selling to returning clients sits at 60-70%, while the success rate of marketing to new clients accounts for 5-20%.
  • Remarketing helps in increasing brand awareness. When users who leave your website without converting see your remarketing ads on their favorite websites, they are given a chance to be impressed by your brand over and over again.
  • Remarketing strengthens your SEO and content marketing efforts. Learning more about your potential customers can help you revise the content and keywords you should include in your SEO strategy. It also improves your brand recall by making people search more for your local business and share your content that can lead to more quality links.

5 Remarketing Tactics to Get Your Local Clients Coming Back

  1. Collect Customer Contact Information
  2. Create Customer Segments
  3. Offer Free WiFi
  4. Build a Customer Loyalty Program
  5. Use the Right Landing Pages

Collect Customer Contact Information

Customers are ever-changing. What they wanted three years ago isn’t what they want today. To stay in touch with your existing customers, you need to continually gather meaningful data about them. One of the best ways to reconnect with customers is via email.

It is no secret that email marketing is the most effective solution with a 4400% ROI. Email marketing helps your local business to keep existing customers engaged and encourage them to make repeat purchases.

To create a remarketing email list, you need to capture email addresses of your repeat customers. A great way to do that is via your homepage. Use your homepage to offer incentives that require signing up, such as gated content (ie. a free ebook), or requesting a free consultation or demo.

You can create more personalized email campaigns by including the customer’s name and specifying the product or service they were interested in. The more relevant and personal it is, the more conversions you will get. In addition, use a real person with their actual contact details and image in the signature – it creates a much more personalized experience for the email recipient.

Create Customer Segments

Remarketing is most effective when you target customers based on what you know about them. Don’t treat all your customers the same. Instead, create customer segments based on their purchase history, preferences, needs, and shopping habits. Check out how much time they spend on your website and what pages they visit. That will help you define how to nurture them  in your remarketing campaigns.

Segmenting your list is the best way to build more personalized messages. You can deliver messages based on the needs and wants of your potential customers. Try to create different call-to-actions for each segmented ad group with links to particular web pages.

To keep an eye on your conversion rates and build workflow segments, I like to use Finteza. The tool tracks all target actions of your website visitors, builds histograms to better visualize tracked events, and identifies when conversions failed to refine your remarketing strategy. You just need to integrate a JavaScript or HTML code into your website and start analyzing.

Offer Free WiFi

Offering high-capacity WiFi is a powerful marketing and lead generation channel for local businesses to grow your subscriber list. For the past half-decade, offering in-store WiFi has been considered an important practice for local businesses. Why? It enhances the in-store experience and encourages visitors to spend more time in the store. This can lead to increased sales and repeat business.

In return for getting free WiFi access, you can collect the contact information of your customers in order to increase your database. Once you capture the data, you can remarket to your customers with special offers, promotions, coupons, contests and other things via SMS, email, app, or mobile wallet loyalty.

Build a Customer Loyalty Program

Implementing a customer loyalty program is another powerful remarketing strategy. This type of program is really effective because it is deeply connected with the customer’s individual purchase history.

According to stats, 25% to 40% of total revenue comes from loyal, returning customers. They sign up to your rewards program in exchange for bonuses, discounts, deals and special offers that encourage frequent purchases.

There are different ways to make your customer loyalty program more successful. Here’s a few:

  • Retail Giveaways: People love getting exclusive, limited-time offers and deals. For example, you can offer a free product with a minimum purchase during a select time frame.
  • Birthday Promotions: Customers love to be pampered on their birthday. Ask for their birthday data, and send out a discount or offer on this notable date.
  • Loyalty Cards: With rewards programs, customers are encouraged to track their hard-earned points and receive incentives for spending. Once they get a certain number of points, they can get a free item or discount.
  • VIP Members Club: VIP programs can be free or paid, presenting members with exclusive benefits and special offers only available to members.
  • Tiered Programs: Tiers are powerful ways to engage better with your customers.  These are based on gamification, encouraging customers to engage on a continual basis, reaching higher levels and receiving points and benefits for each tier.

The best part about loyalty programs is that they get your customers to come back again and again, continually building and strengthening your remarketing strategy. They also help gather data on customer shopping habits. Based on this data, you can segment your audience and provide more targeted promotions and messages.

Use the Right Landing Pages

The success of your remarketing campaign depends a lot on which landing pages you use. Landing pages are standalone web pages that are designed for a specific purpose, such as promoting a special offer. Choose a focused landing page for your remarketing campaign, instead of just sending the audience to your homepage. This will allow you to create a more  focused experience, designed to lead the audience to take the specific action you want.

When it comes to remarketing, focus on segmented audiences. Not everyone is interested in the same product or feature you offer.

Using dedicated landing pages for your campaigns gives an amazing opportunity to capture the audience’s attention and direct it to a specific message. This helps prospects to better understand how your message meets their needs, without any distractions, which increases the likelihood of converting them.

Make sure that your landing pages are set up for success. Performing an SEO audit of your landing pages is the easiest way to see how to fix and improve them. I use SE Ranking Website Audit. The tool evaluates all key parameters, such as overall site health, pages and meta analysis, image optimization, links, and content analysis. You will get actionable insights and tips about any issues that may appear on your pages.


Remarketing is a powerful tool for local businesses to increase their revenue and traffic. Remarketing is about more than just reaching your audience. It is a meaningful, cohesive and engaging strategy focused on the audience’s needs and wants, based on their previous interest in your business, and your desired outcome from this audience.

It takes work, but it pays off. If done well, you will see the results and increase your bottom line.

What remarketing strategies have you used for your business? What successes have you had? Share your effective remarketing tips with us.

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