What if Publishers Could See the Revenue Value of Their Content in Real-Time?

We may be living in the “Golden Age of Content,” but one of the biggest success blockers for publishers today is the inability to fully understand the value of their content. Yes, publishers are getting more and more data, but with so many different types of ads, targeting, and decision engines running on a publisher’s site, the revenue generated from a piece of content has become impossible to retrieve beyond general averages. In fact, as we noted in this recent Digiday article, most publishers now settle merely for what’s available (averages) rather than what’s required (real-time values).

But as we all know, a data-driven business cannot be run on averages. That would be like trading stocks based on the average over the past week, while someone else is trading based on precise real-time values – an unfair fight.

Add to this, the siloes between the editorial and ad ops and you have an ad stack and content stack that don’t talk to one another.

That’s why we’re so excited to roll-out our new product, Automatic Yield, which combines data, analytics, insights, and action in a single platform to bring revenue and editorial teams together.

For the first time on the web, Outbrain’s platform will enable publishers to understand the real-time monetary value of each piece of their content, while also providing proprietary insights into all their revenue, not just Outbrain revenue. We can now program your site to mirror the ad stack, so you can monetize content consumption… without lowering CTR. In other words, you can determine the value of your content and then match the right user to the right content — the place where that content carries the most revenue.

Penske Media, Independent Journal Review, The Daily Caller, and Singapore Press Holdings are among the first of eight premium publisher groups/media partners to successfully implement Outbrain Automatic Yield and take advantage of Automatic Yield’s revenue reporting. These early publishers have already seen up to a 110% lift in incremental revenue without forsaking clickthrough rate.

As our CEO and co-founder Yaron Galai told MediaPost this morning, “Automatic Yield solves one of the core problems digital publishers have faced from the beginning: how to connect content programming and revenue delivery with a single piece of technology.”

How it Works

Outbrain’s revenue reporting ties together a media company’s many different monetization partners and ad types that drive daily, monthly, and yearly revenue. They can manage all their revenue through a single dashboard from all different partners, not just Outbrain. For example, traffic sources (e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter…), verticals, devices, and users. The publisher will see their “total revenue” for the selected timeframe within the dashboard and have the ability to dig into the data at a micro level.

This new level of transparency allows publisher revenue teams to understand exactly how much money is made from this piece of content vs. that one, consumed on-site vs. consumed off-site. This can be used to inform spending decisions, advertising strategy, off-platform revenue opportunities, and when to take action.

We’re excited to roll out Automatic Yield globally and you can learn even more about it here.

Stay tuned too as we continue to grow the adoption of Outbrain Automatic Yield across other major territories in the coming months.

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