[Watch Webinar] Boosting your 2020 Strategy with Programmatic Native

Katie Secret
Katie Secret

It’s no surprise that native advertising has increasingly become the leading format for advertisers due to its ability to offer a more appealing and engaging consumer experience. According to the Global Marketing Alliance, native global spending is projected to hit $85.5 billion in 2020.

Without a doubt, programmatic has helped bolster the growth of native. Programmatic is expected to draw over $52 billion in investment in the US alone this year, and is continuing to grow as marketers increasingly look to consolidate and scale their media strategies. So why not check out our webinar about how to boost your 2020 strategy with programmatic native?

Programmatic native breaks through the disruptive nature of alternative advertising formats. With the efficiency and scalability of programmatic buying methods, and the value of unique native ad experiences, programmatic native gives marketers a substantial opportunity to engage target audiences with better brand experiences.

So how can you craft and execute a successful programmatic native strategy?

There are a range of factors buyers need to pay attention to when it comes to successfully executing native programmatic advertising. With over 13 years of expertise in the native space, Outbrain gives buyers comprehensive solutions to capitalize on the value of the format within their existing strategies.

Outbrain’s extensive global publisher network, which sees over 900 million consumers each month, can easily be accessed through leading DSPs, and is hand-curated into programmatic offerings that are built to perform against a range of buyer goals. Buyers then have the benefit of leveraging their own data and managing native campaigns as a seamless part of their larger media mix.

But as stated earlier, it’s important for marketers to work with a partner that can guide them through the specific targeting, optimizations, and creative nuances that are key to successful native campaigns.

These best practices can differ greatly from traditional display campaigns run through various DSPs. Outbrain’s owned DSP, Zemanta, is the exception in this case — as it was built from the ground up to support native programmatic buying, with engagement in mind.

Unlike traditional DSPs, Zemanta’s algorithms optimize towards post-click engagement, allowing advertisers to leverage programmatic technology while keeping focus on consumer attention. This makes the platform ideal for buyers looking to capitalize on the advantages of native at scale.

With both an owned SSP and DSP, Outbrain is the full-stack native programmatic partner that can help you accomplish your goals at every step of the marketing funnel.

If you’re looking to be more effective at brand building, brand consideration, and driving concrete performance goals, then this webinar is a must for your strategy in the year ahead!

Katie Secret

Katie Secret

Katie is the Global Head of Product Marketing at Outbrain, covering messaging and strategy for Outbrain's advertiser and publisher lines of business. Prior to Outbrain, Katie spearheaded product marketing efforts for both publishers and advertisers at programmatic ad exchange EMX, and at SaaS platform Newswhip.