Outbrain’s New Global Headquarters is Open!

Juan Martinez

Like the cowboys, trappers, miners and gold prospectors who paved the roads of this country in search of a better life, Outbrain recently undertook a grueling westward migration. Although our trip was relatively short (from E. 16th Street to W. 13th Street) and completely safe, it has been a long time in the making. We share our space with online music and audiobook store eMusic. Much love to our staff members on The Moving Crew for making this happen. We’re so proud of how it turned out!

Here’s a quick tour of our new home: When you come visit us, you’ll step right off of our elevator into the lobby (sorry, but the welcome balloons will probably be gone)…

Once you get past the lobby’s welcome desk, you’ll see our super-chic kitchen. Notice the three-piece band in the background. That’s The Blue Vipers of Brooklyn. I wish we could hire them to perform here every Monday morning. Arriving to some early jazz, swing, and blues is never a bad thing, although I wonder if productivity would suffer…

…speaking of work, here’s a long view of where the magic happens. Love the high ceilings and windows…

…and don’t these sofas look comfy? I can’t wait to take my first meeting (or mid-day nap) here.

Marketing Manager Brandon Carter adjusts to his new digs as he crafts his next blog post in front of this beautiful mural designed by Sofia Maldonado.

Although we’re loving the new space, we’re still a little sad to leave E. 16th Street behind…

…and we’re mindful to never forget how far this company has come —  from a 13-by-13-foot three-person office space that we lovingly and accurately refer to as “The Cage.”

Juan Martinez

Juan is the Content Strategy Manager at Outbrain. He is responsible for determining the overall tone and editorial direction of the company's marketing offerings. Juan is a former Senior Editor at Direct Marketing News, where he covered direct and digital marketing, e-commerce and CRM. His writing has appeared in CRM Magazine, Direct Marketing News and Publishers Weekly, as well as on Esquire.com, ClickZ.com and on ContentMarketingInstitute.com. Juan holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree in creative writing from Columbia University. He holds a BA in creative writing from Bard College.

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