Outbrain Sets the Gold Standard as Native Ad Platform/Network of the Year

We’re honored to announce the Native Advertising Institute has awarded Outbrain as Platform/Network of the Year at the 2021 Native Advertising AWARDS!

As the largest international award program dedicated to native advertising, this year was more important than ever to acknowledge industry leaders that have helped businesses worldwide to promote content that matters and share brand stories in a non-disruptive way.

Despite the events of 2020, Outbrain has continued to set the gold standard as a strong and reliable native advertising platform for publishers and advertisers alike. We’ve stuck by our commitment to support real journalism, working with newsrooms in putting over $3 billion back into the publishing industry to ensure quality journalism survives and thrives. Meanwhile, we’ve developed new ad experiences shaped by feedback from our advertisers, enabling them to effectively meet brand KPIs while favoring engagement over disruption.

Hear from Native Advertising Institute’s CEO, Jesper Laursen, as he lays out the judges’ thoughts on Outbrain’s achievements: 

And if you’re not caught up on Outbrain’s Smartads, here are just some of the latest ad experiences we’ve brought to the open web.

Native Awareness+ Suite

Outbrain’s Native Awareness+ suite gives marketers the choice to extend their existing social campaigns in brand-safe placements, leveraging three rich creative options: Native Display, Native Social and Native Video. This new suite of Smartads deliver performance beyond views and impressions:

  • Over 70% average viewability
  • 5x higher in-view time than social platforms
  • 5x higher CTR than display formats. 

Carousel Smartad

Advertisers now seek the most effective ways to replicate ‘shop window’ experiences online. While Carousel already exists on Social, marketers deserve the option of choosing their media and platform — so we recreated this social media-style ad experience and brought it to the open web across our leading publisher network. In fact, Outbrain’s carousel drives more engagement from target audiences:

  • Over 97% more page views per session than Social
  • Over 68% more page views than Search. 

App Install Smartad

An evolving need for advertisers is the ability to profitably grow their app business with loyal customers in a world of more than 2 million apps. Outbrain’s App Install Smartad enables marketers to showcase more of their app with interactive GIF elements, and promote their brand and app store rating while providing a clear path to download for more ROAS and long-term growth. This Smartad gets results:

  • Up to 90% higher conversion versus the standard native ad
  • With 50% lower CPA.

We’re delighted to see our hard work recognized as we continue to strengthen the interaction consumers have with brands and media. Are you ready to open the door to the next chapter of digital advertising? Reach out and let’s get amplifying!

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