Outbrain Performance Academy Rolls out in the UK

|Faye Liddle


Outbrain Performance Academy Rolls out in the UK

Outbrain’s Performance Academy got their UK debut with a great session at Escelis, the performance specialty group within Havas. Performance Academy is an international certification course for performance marketers from Outbrain.

We’re working to equip the next generation of marketers with the tools, insights, and best practices they need to compete in a global marketing landscape.

Performance marketers and discovery platforms are a natural match, and we want to help professionals around the world unlock that potential for their clients.

Performance Academy

After a successful launch in Australia last year, Performance Academy has had sessions with Havas Paris, Escelis New York, Boston, and Chicago, and Evernine in Munich.

The program has been such a hit that we’re rapidly expanding. A full U.K. roll-out is in the works, starting with Group M Ireland next month.

Want to become your agency’s “official” Outbrain certified expert? Stay tuned — Performance Academy is just getting started.

“Official” Outbrain certified expert

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Faye Liddle

Faye Liddle

Faye Liddle is Head of Agency Sales at Outbrain, living in London. She is captaining Outbrain's team for the Advertising... Read more

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