Outbrain AMA with OG Slack group

|Miko Levy

AMA OG slack Group

Online Geniuses began in 2015 as an internet marketing community on Skype.When the group grew too big, at the 300-member mark, Slack was an up-and-coming phenomenon. So Online Geniuses decided to give it a shot, and moved over to the fledgling platform.

Today, Online Geniuses has 10,700 members in the Slack community and an additional 20,000 who’ve signed up for their events.

The company is run by David Markovich with a team of 15 volunteers who help moderate the community among other tasks.

Miko Levy, Vice President of US Brands for the native advertising platform Outbrain, held an AMA on January 17th, 2018 with Online Geniuses on Slack

Miko Levy

Miko Levy

Miko Levy is Vice President of Customer Acquisition at Outbrain. Miko is responsible for the global growth and expansion of... Read more

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