Introducing Engagement Bid Strategy, an AI-Based Campaign Optimization Tool Built for a Cookieless World

Outbrain is very excited to introduce its latest innovation to the world of adtech: Engagement Bid Strategy (EBS), the automatic AI-based campaign performance optimization tool, and the first of its kind for native advertising.

What makes EBS so unique? 

EBS is a cookieless solution that uses client’s existing on-site behavioral data for optimization purposes. Based on Outbrain’s machine learning technology combined with first-party analytics data, EBS automatically optimizes and adjusts bids in order to achieve marketers’ engagement goals. 

Let’s explore some of EBS’ key features:

No pixel required

With EBS, setting up automatic optimization for native campaigns is simpler and faster, as it does not require installation of a pixel on the advertiser website. Rather, EBS leverages user behavior and intent data directly from Outbrain, and/or via direct integrations with website analytics tools. As we move into a cookieless world, EBS will drive long-term performance results with no reliance on third-party cookies. EBS currently supports Google Analytics, with additional analytics tools to be added soon.

Driven by AI to achieve your campaign goals

EBS automatically optimizes ad serving and CPC pricing by analyzing campaign performance data from the advertiser’s analytics system. Driven by Outbrain’s machine learning algorithms, you have complete control to maximize your performance optimization according to your campaign goals. Simply set up your campaigns with EBS for a wide range of goals, such as page views per session or session duration.

Attention metrics

Today, brands are engaged in a tough battle for customer attention and mindshare. EBS brings in attention metrics to the Outbrain platform, so brands can optimize campaigns towards the things that can drive the best performance outcomes in the long term – user attention and intent – without the use of third-party data or cookies. 

Better connect soft conversion goals to hard conversion goals

With EBS, brands and agencies can now optimize bids and servings toward the most engaged audiences, helping marketers to better understand the impact of mid-funnel tactics on lower-funnel tactics, and more efficiently move their audience from consideration to action.

Want to learn more about Engagement Bid Strategy? Visit our Help Center.

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