Conversions: You Pay For Them — Why Not Track Them?

Conversions Feature

Are you focused on conversions? Technically speaking, yes — we all are.

No matter how you slice it, all marketers create content in an effort to get their target audiences to complete some kind of action — whether it’s time on site, product purchases, or everything in-between.

Quite simply, a conversion can happen anywhere in the entire funnel, from awareness to action. So, regardless of your KPIs, we can all be considered “performance marketers.” After all, what marketer doesn’t want their audience completing specific actions as efficiently (and awesomely) as possible?

With that in mind, we recently released a performance-driven feature we know you’ll love: Multiple Conversions. Before, our pixel captured all conversions under one umbrella. Now, our advanced pixel can track up to twenty different, specific conversions.

So how can you use Multiple Conversions to reach your content KPIs? Depends on your goals, really, but the great part about this feature is that it can cover all of your goals in one easy-to-use dashboard.

To make things a bit more digestible, let’s break down your goals into three main buckets: Awareness, Engagement, and Action. And to take it one step further, let’s use a persona to show the full scope of this feature. Introducing Rocco’s Pet Corner, because who doesn’t love puppies…and kittens…and okay, conversion time!

Goal: Awareness

Awareness: building familiarity between consumers and your brand.

Popular Types of Conversions: Page Landings, Time On Site, etc.

Persona Example: Rocco’s Pet Corner just received some great press from a popular online pet publication, Puppies”R”Us, about their patented teeth-cleaning dog bones. Rocco promotes this earned media through Outbrain, and wants to understand how many readers convert and click through from the press page to his website.

Using Multiple Conversions, Rocco sets up a URL-based conversion to track all traffic that clicked through the Outbrain widget, the promoted press, and ended up on Rocco’s home landing page.

See? Traffic can be considered a conversion too, folks!

Goal: Awareness

Goal: Engagement (Consideration)

Engagement: generating deeper interest to your brand, creating intent.

Popular Types of Conversions: Newsletter Signups, Whitepaper Downloads, Coupon Downloads, Form Submissions, etc.

Persona Example: Rocco deploys a newsletter called “The Weekly Bark,” where he highlights some of his great, pet-friendly content. He earnestly wants to grow his subscriber list, so he promotes his owned media through Outbrain.

To track the number of conversions, or newsletter subscribers he gets from his Outbrain traffic, Rocco can set up either a URL-Based conversion using “URL Contains” and plugging in “/newsletter-confirmation,” or an Event-Based conversion (which requires a little extra code) for the subscribe submission button.

Goal: Engagement (Consideration)

Goal: Action (Decision)

Action: consumers complete the desired action you set for them.

Popular Types of Conversions: Product Purchase, Add to Cart, Event Bookings, RSVPs, etc.

Persona Example: Aside from promoting great content, Rocco also sells pet supplies. Being the smart content marketer that Rocco is, he often creates content around his products, and hyperlinks product plugs throughout. And one more time, he promotes his owned media through Outbrain — a new article he released: “5 Unique Ways to Keep Your Pup’s Teeth Clean.”

Tracking the number of product purchases he receives for his famous teeth-cleaning dog bone, Rocco can either set up a URL-Based conversion using “URL Contains” and plugging in “/thank-you,” or an Event-Based conversion for the order button. With this, he’ll be able to see which readers were really hankering for a bone (ah, couldn’t help myself).

Goal: Action (Decision)


Our new Multiple Conversions feature is the perfect accessory for performance (or all) marketers, as it can track every step of your funnel — from awareness to action — and all of your KPIs, in one place. But it doesn’t just stop there. You could further optimize toward conversions using our KPI Optimization tool. Not only are you proving the worth of your content dollars, but now, you’re also ensuring those dollars are being spent on audiences with a higher chance of converting — win win!

Bottom line: conversions are limitless. Feel free to watch our Multiple Conversions walkthrough video below to get a deeper look into how it really works:

Happy converting!

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