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Last week we released the findings of a recent study on content consumption trends in Asia Pacific. The report analyses some of the key facts, figures and trends on how people are reading and watching online content in the region.

We took as a sample some of the key markets in Asia Pacific – Singapore, India, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines – and looked at how those insights relate to trends reported in two of the most advanced and mature markets for content marketing: the U.S. and UK.

These were some of the key findings:

We spend more and more time consuming content on mobile devices.

There’s a powerful connection between growth of mobile technology and the increase in content consumption on smartphones and tablets. While the differences among the countries analysed are not significant, it’s interesting to note that in countries like Singapore, Japan and the UK, people seem to consume more than half of their content on a smartphone or tablet:


Particularly in markets like India and Malaysia – and in general in all fast-growth markets, Android is now in a truly dominant and almost unchallengeable position, probably due to its more affordable price-point and its availability on a much wider range of models. Nevertheless, iOS still enjoys its best engagement rates in a number of key, mature markets such as Australia, Japan, the UK and U.S.:


India is the most engaged market on Tablet, and is second only to Japan on Smartphone:


Asia Pacific is an extremely vast region, with lots of cultural and social differences. This means that individual markets within the region show varied preferences when it comes to content consumption, even within the same content category.

We hope that these findings will provide insight and a greater understanding of some of the key content consumption trends across Asia Pacific and globally to support you in making better informed choices, as part of your content marketing strategy planning.

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