Meet Guy Kobrinsky , VP Cloud Platform at Outbrain

At Outbrain, we move the needle when it comes to cloud technology, and that does not happen by accident. It is something in which we invest much time and effort, with one of the most talented teams in the tech industry. 

As a Talent Acquisition Partner, I take great pride in supporting the technology team in finding the best talent. This is why I wanted to introduce you to Guy Kobrinsky, VP Cloud Platform at Outbrain, with a discussion about the team, what they do, and how they innovate. Let’s dive in.

Q: What is Outbrain Cloud Platform? What is the department responsible for?

A: Cloud Platform’s mission at Outbrain is to provide an empowering and seamless cloud-experience for the greater organization, while supporting the  sustainability and growth of the Outbrain’s products. In other  words – we own and operate Outbrain’s production infrastructure operations in hybrid private and public cloud environments while providing sets of self-serve tools and products for the entire org to use. And we are constantly working to improve velocity, visibility and transparency, and the dev experience.

Q: What makes Cloud Platform different from other departments? 

A: Outbrain’s architecture and development culture have a strong mutual dependency, however we are a team apart from the others. We strive for technology alignment on one side, while decoupling ownership and pushing for team independence on the other. As such, we build tools using full product lifecycle practices to support the distributed ownership model. For example, we developed a product for our engineering teams that allows them to define and manage their alerts in an easy, resilient, and safe manner.

Q: What challenges are you solving?

A: We tackle challenges from various domains – from database performance, through cloud usage and cost reduction to automated systems growth and quotas.

Q: What are some of the most recent projects you’ve been working on? 

A: One very interesting project our team has been working on is to automate server allocation to racks, while taking predicted power consumption based on expected workload into consideration – thus supporting scalable growth at minimum cost. (We will showcase this project at the Yalla DevOps 2022 conference in Tel Aviv).

We hope you enjoyed this conversation about Cloud Devops at Outbrain. If you have any questions about our cloud department, or any other team at Outbrain, don’t hesitate to reach out to friendly Outbrainers on LinkedIn. And of course, if this has made you curious about open positions at Outbrain, visit our career page

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