[Recap] LiveRamp’s RampUp New York On Understanding the Consumer

At this week’s LiveRamp Summit, RampUp New York, attending brands, agencies, publishers, and tech brands had plenty to learn about.

The summit was broken into four hot topic tracks:

  1. Mastering the New Media Landscape;
  2. Getting Creative with Data;
  3. Innovation;
  4. And the Fourth Wave of Privacy Regulation.

No matter the track, the overarching themes heard throughout the day were consistent, focusing on discovering your customers, trust and transparency, and engagement strategies.

From speaker to speaker, the fluid message throughout each and every session came down to truly understanding your end consumer.

Solidifying that, RampUp kicked off with Brigitte King, the Chief Consumer Office at PVH Corp., discussing the power of the brands in “the age of the consumer.” She stressed the need for brands to understand consumer behaviors, even believing that organizations should break down internally siloed teams to form one holistic group to gain a better grasp on their clientele.

💡Brainy Tip: Look internally to better communicate externally — breaking down team barriers with the same goal in mind: the end consumer.


Coupling data with creative was also at the forefront, as noted by Giusy Buonfantino, the CMO of Kimberly Clark. She stated “creative is important… utilizing the right data is also important… but pairing the right data with the right creative is the ultimate goal.”

💡Brainy Tip: Think outside of the box to find the data diamonds in the rough that will help you tell a more unique story.


The focus then turned to the topic of first-party data, and the most interesting question of the day was posed: if you could change one thing about first-party data, what would it be?

Chris Makiuchi, the Director of Technology and Analytics at the NBA, responded strongly, saying that “the industry as a whole needs to come to a common ground. We need to be on the same page that when we look at [data], we agree that A is A and B is B. We tend to call the same thing two different names.”

💡Brainy Tip: Find commonality in your data narrative — extra important when reviewing multi-channel performance, and ensuring you’re reporting correctly.


Understanding the end consumer and data then collided into one compelling conversation shift: smart, contextual advertising, and going beyond content adjacency to focus more on relevancy to the consumer at the moment ads are served. We’re starting to see the brands come full circle, re-framing what business problem can we solve to what customer problem can we solve.

💡Brainy Tip: Meet the customer where they are, and ensure you’re utilizing attributes that matter or of interest to them.


Lastly, it became known that the blurred lines between Brand Marketing and Performance Marketing are being felt more and more — not only internally, but with the end consumer. More often than not, the two teams are working in silos, not understanding what roles they play throughout their brands’ customer journey. It can be seen externally through inconsistent brand messaging or exorbitant use of communications.

💡Brainy Tip: Break down the brand and performance walls to ensure consistency in messaging and experience.


That’s all for LiveRamp’s RampUp New York 2019!

If we didn’t get a chance to meet at the summit, or you’re interested in learning more about providing a native experience to your end consumer through interest-based ads, we’d love to hear from you.

Or, you can see the Outbrain experience for yourself here.

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