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Live FAQ Webinar

Behind every Outbrain Amplify ad is an entire team of busy content compliance and support staff. Their job is to help you promote your content to the best audience while maintaining the high-quality standards of the Outbrain network.

For advertisers, it’s so important to understand what goes on behind the scenes when your Outbrain ad is in process. It’s a great way to learn how to create approval-worthy ads for your Amplify campaigns and to discover what support resources are available to help you get results.

On November 7 at 11 AM EST, this – and more – will be covered in a live FAQ webinar designed specifically for advertisers.

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Meet Zane Jandsten, Associate Director of Customer Support, and Keren Zimbris, Head of Content Compliance, as they join forces to conquer the most frequently-asked questions from advertisers running content on our network.

During the live session, Zane will talk about everything Support, showcasing what Help resources are available and how to access them.

Later, Keren will explore Outbrain’s Content Guidelines in depth. She’ll discuss why they are in place, how important they are, and where to find them.

Together, they’ll cover loads of questions about Amplify that advertisers commonly ask as they ramp up their campaigns, like:

  • What kind of content can I promote?
  • Why was my ad not approved?
  • How can I optimize for conversions?
  • How do I define my campaign budget?
  • And many more…

Do you have any questions? We’re here to answer them!

Simply register for the webinar and ask your question, live!

Webinar: Outbrain for Advertisers: Live FAQ

When: November 7th, 2018, 11 am EST

Your Hosts: Zane Jandsten, Associate Director of Customer Support, and Keren Zimbris, Head of Content Compliance

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