Let’s Talk Data… Introducing BrainPower, Your New Insight Hub

It goes without saying that data insights are a critical component of an effective marketing strategy. Through our extensive experience working with leading brands including Reiss, Renault, and Made.com we’ve just launched BrainPower, your one stop shop for data that will inform your next content strategy.

Stories powered by data engage, excite, and inspire readers. The better we know our target audience—not just their likes but their loves and loathes—the more likely we are to deliver interesting and insightful content that they will discover, read, and share.

It’s with this in mind that BrainPower draws on our wealth of global data across our media networks. The hub analyzes the data, extracting consumer content consumption behaviors to serve some key verticals like auto, fashion and travel; and more coming soon! Our vertical insights offer a wealth of information on the content themes consumers engage with, the devices that are most likely to convert, and what time, day, or month to reach them at their top content consumption mode. For example, content consumption about cars peaks at 9pm. Additionally, in the UK, when it comes to fashion, while smartphone users comprise a large proportion of the audience, most conversions actually happen on a desktop.

In addition to audience data by vertical, we’ve also extrapolated specific insights on themes like the new technologies that shape the creation and discovery of tomorrow’s branded content and the types of content and environments that consumers find the most trustworthy and interesting. For example, did you know that consumers trust content made by a familiar brand than content shared by a friend on social media?!

In recent years, advertising has undergone major shifts thanks to new emerging technologies. If you’re not using all available data insights, you will be left behind. With Outbrain’s insights your story can be smarter and work harder.

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